So isn’t there another way to get left handed 112v or do I have to start looking for an alternative such as the ESP LTD EC-50? In our days, this guitar has the best value in the market that a player must own now. Yamaha’s Pacifica 112 … Got a Yamaha Pacifica you’d like to show the world? ... Pacifica 120H TBSB. Free delivery for many products! Although equivalent Fenders (Squier) have upped their game in recent years, the solid alder body Yamaha Pacifica, particularly in a natural finish, was advertised to almost mock the plywood Squiers of the time. There are plenty of options to choose from 2. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. My preferred genre is rock (acdc, vai, satriani, etc). Click for more details on the Pacifica 112V. Greetings to you. I will never buy a cheap Yamaha again.To bad. Pacifica 112VM Gray. I’m already planning my third and fourth PAC 112JLs.

It’s smoother, tougher and more ‘together’, there’s less peaks and troughs, more consistency. Yamaha Pacifca 112V. They sound great, the price is excellent (many under $200) and they look awesome. Yamaha Pacifica 112V VW. However you left out the PAC120S (Telecaster style.). The PAC112J has an Alnico V magnet for two single-coils with humbucking and has a pickup attached to the body. Pacifica - Overview - Electric Guitars - Guitars, Basses & Amps - Musical Instruments - Products - Yamaha - UK and Ireland Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. je pence aller on acheter une dan les prochain jours mes la quelle lol 112v ou 212v jatten que tu me dise pour prendre ma decission merci josh a bien tot. … Our Verdict. Regarding electric guitar-I would like to play mostly pop-rock of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Then, you will find the logo on this headstock. Good day, Hi Josh 120H is a part of the marvelous Pacifica series of solid-bodied electric guitars. Installing some Ironstone Gold single coil pickups and an Axesrus Classic 50’s Deluxe humbucker has opened up the tone and clarity even more, along with my own custom rewiring so that the ‘Tone’ pot now blends the middle coil in series with the neck coil to give a wide humbucker sound for a fuller sounding neck tone. But despite its similarity, there are still some notable differences. They are a higher-quality piece of installed equipment. Yamaha PAC112J vs PAC112V - Which is Better? -What do you think about this guitar please? i first bought mine in my country for only a hundred fifty british pound back in 2002 (brand new), was my first guitar, and would like to tell you all its STILL working fine until TODAY, no repair and maintenance ever done too. Only had it a few days, but I’m sure that I am going to love it. Show all. Im getting back into guitar after taking quite a few years off and have decided to invest in a new electric. What part of the world are you in? Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112J Electric Guitar; Metallic Red, Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Electric Guitar; Sonic Blue. The Yamaha Pacifica 120H follows on from one of the most well-known guitars in the Pacifica series - the Pacifica 112V. On the right side of the page is a subscription option. I am a self-diagnosed Yamaholic! I have both and the quality is excellent on both Squier and Yamaha. Yamaha Pacifica 120H, Tobacco Sunburst - De Yamaha Pacifica 120H elektrische gitaar in Tobacco Sunburst uitvoering is het vernieuwde model van de 112V en komt met twee Alnico humbuckers en een hardtail brug. Will such an instrument bring you a truly top-notch experience? 2 Answers. Go to awesomeness ranking Go to consumer score ranking Fender Stratocaster is more popular also has great heavy distortion which i've compared to my other more expensive guitars and believe me it kicks arse. Required fields are marked *. That depends on whether you want it to sound and feel like a Fender. dit que les pacifica ete de bien meilleur guitare Therefore, PAC112V will have more advantages when compared to its ancestor. 120H belongs to the pretty basic 100 tier (one level above the beginner 012 tier), and is the textbook example of why … The Pacifica 120H features dual humbuckers with alnico V magnets and a hard tail bridge for great tuning stability. I also designed my own custom pick guard with S-S-F (Firebird Minihumbucker in the Neck) config and got Martin Simms to cut it in White Pearl. The instrument could play many genres of music with various styles. It’s hard to say which guitar – the Squier Strat or the Yamaha Pacifica – would make a better entry-guitar purchase. But, it then adds two very unique visual elements to the body. Customers like Fender Stratocaster somewhat more Fender Stratocaster, the pricier option, tends to get more favorable reviews than Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V [4.6 vs 4.5 ]. The vibration of PAC112V is even more perfect than that of the PAC112J. Both have a character that is both surprising and nice. In addition, the instrument also features a humbucker bridge, single-coil neck, molded chrome tuner, maple neck, and classic tremolo. Would you recommend the 112V over some of the epiphone guitars around the same price range? This last model has got me going crazy but they are hard to find now. I mostly prefer clean sounds so like a bright open sounding pickup, which is why I went with the Ironstone Gold single coils and an Alan Entwistle HV 58 low output Alnico 2 humbucker to get a better loudness balance betweem the single coils and the bridge humbucker. Buy from Yamaha's UK store. In our awesomeness score Fender Stratocaster ranks #27 out of 264 and Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V ranks #39 out of 264. PAC112J will be an interesting start for those looking to upgrade from PAC012. Close. Vergelijken. The guitar itself is very well built for an instrument in this price range. This is an electric guitar - a pretty good alternative for Fender Stratocaster version enthusiasts. What's more, the 112J uses a plastic knob, while the 112V uses a more advanced metal knob. I have 6 or 7 Yamaha guitars, both acoustic and electric, and only one of them I bought new (an acoustic FS650MS model), the rest of them are all used. 2 customers have given this product a 4-star rating. It’s an excellent option for mods and mine today is a pro guitar… The solid construction and quality woods made the difference…. Send it to me and I’ll post it here. Lees conclusie. PAC120H is a 2 humbucker / hardtail version of PAC112V. Yamaha Pacifica 112J vs 112V - The Similarities, Yamaha Pacifica 112V vs 112J - The Differences, New Alnico V humbucker at the bridge and splittable (can work on a coil, much like a single microphone), New vibrato, holding the agreement better, Need a substantial upgrade to the vibrato (compare to Strat). Could you please share any information/feedback about the factory pickups – how bad are they compared to Alnico-V? Hi Josh, This is a great summary. Guitar Setups. I bought one 112 V a long time and did several changes, like pickups, bridge and tuners. As well as the use of plastic knobs (112J) over the classier metallic (112V). Read more. Those are my options (for my budget):) Thank you. thanks for the info. A fried is giving me his Marshall amp so that’s covered. With the great sound and the ability to bring the ultimate experience, Yahama Pacifica 112J vs 112V are indispensable items in the young art space. quality. Colours / Finishes. PAC112V is similar to other Pacifica series models, with a bit of design direction from Fender Stratocaster. She made me the man I am today! Like said Pete M Obie, the tone of the 112j is really great and bright, i’ve had during 20 years more than 20 good strat’ (USA and Mexicains), but i sold these guitars (too much money for not very much compared to my squier classic vibe upgraded with custom shop 69…), but now i compare my beautiful CV 50 to the 112jcx and feel the same, the tone wood ils better on the pacifica, brighter, more “straty”… The CS 69′ of course are clearer than the ceramic ones on the 112jcx, but i can be sure to have better results with modding the pacifica !!! ... Yamaha Pacifica 120H YNS. Yes pac comes in left yamaha make just about every model in both left and right and bless them cause they about only company that do. Their build quality is typically superb, and these instruments have a reputation as some of the best beginner and intermediate guitars available on the market. There are a few minor differences between Yamaha’s entry-level Pacifica 012 and 112 guitars. Does it has any value among today’s yamaha models ? While the Yamaha Pacifica’s necks appear to be even narrower, and I’m afraid are just too narrow for my fingers. Image 2 of 3. My favorite guitar by far. It’s not a bad option if your budget is severely limited. I recently completed the makeover for my Black Pacifica 112JL. I intonated it (done that many times) but it will not hold the tuning. Hi JA I am just more concerned about quality and also I want to be able to play hard and metal so will the HSS compensate for that? But overall you can be confident that it is a well-constructed, well-sounding electric guitar. Thanks for this article Josh. I like both guitars and told them that my yamaha pacifica has its perks too. I can tell you that the Yamaha will be much more versatile than the Lp 100. From the ultra-affordable Pacifica 012 to the almighty Pacifica 611H, there's a wide range to choose from. Probably the best starter guitar available. I know for certain that Squier by Fender has left-handed versions of their electric guitars like the Stratocaster, which makes for an excellent beginner guitar. The Yamaha Pacifica's output plug position allows this instrument to produce fairly realistic sounds and no noise. Thinking of getting the 112V. In this video i Demo and Review a Yamaha Pacifica 112v Guitar. Installed Super-Vee Bladerunner trem, Schaller locking M6 tuners, Bourns 82 series Blue 500K and 250K pots, chrome Telecaster knobs, CRL 5 way switch, Graphtech string tree, screened the cavities and pick guard with copper foil. The PAC112J also features a floating tremolo system with a blade selector switch and six tuners with a pull-through nut. Buying used has its advantages: 1. I hope you get to spend many years enjoying your new Pacifica , hi josh,i just bought a pac112v in sonic blue and wanted to know which amp to pick with it,would yamaha 25 watt amp be ok. I’m looking for an beginner’s electric left handed guitar. So if you’ve been looking for some good budget electric guitar options you’ve probably run across the Yamaha Pacifica name a few times. It's an amazing starting tool. Right!! For those who are looking to buy their first guitar and don’t have a lot of money to spend, the Pacifica 012 is an excellent option that you won’t be disappointed with (comes in black, dark blue and dark red). Below we’re going to do a quick review of the series as a whole and then break down the differences between the individual guitars. Hence, players can choose from a variety of music modes. I have searched the stores in here (not all of them the ones near me ) and I could find a left handed one generally there are low quantities of left handed guitars. I have looked for CG series that you recommended and it’s a good guitar-thanx. In general, Pacifica was born, meeting many different genres and styles of music playing. Product Registration; PAC112VCX. Yamaha Pacifica 212 VFM. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I just tried my 3rd Fender Squier and it let me down once again because of the poor finish and construction. The body is made of solid wood in its natural form, providing true quality to the instrument, in stark contrast to some other electric guitar lines that use only plywood. I’ve attached a picture of all four of the guitars that you wanted a comparison for. Should you consider the PAC112J or the PAC112V? It can be said, although PAC112V vs PAC112J have many similarities, PAC112V still has many advantages over PAC112J. Hi. Although equivalent Fenders (Squier) have upped their game in recent years, the solid alder body Yamaha Pacifica, particularly in a natural finish, was advertised to almost mock the plywood Squiers of the time. Even though you are a beginner, you still want a variety of tone, I suggest you get a small solid state amp with some type of amp modeling and effects, I highly suggest the Vox Mini5 Rhythm, it is more than enough and you will have plenty of options to play with. Thanks man have a great day!! Sure!! I have experimented with switcing options for humbuckers over the years and prefer Series/Parallel over Coil Splitting or Phase. She has travelled plenty of countries with me ever since. Just doing the split? De Pacifica 120H biedt optimale comfort met een handige dubbele cutaway, gestroomlijnde vormen en een lichtgewicht elzenhouten body die prachtige gebalanceerde en zuivere klanken … Remember that they are both HSS guitars, but if you want to play hard and heavy, I highly suggest getting the 112v instead due to its slimmer neck and flatter radius. Thanks for the great review. Hiện có bán tại các đại lý Yamaha toàn quốc. Like the Fender the Pacifica has a bolt on neck. I’m looking at a PAC412. Well, you see most of my thoughts above! Relevance. Some of the PAC112’s have maple fingerboards. Electric guitars are ten a penny and nowadays there are at least as many models and makers to choose from. I’m hoping this site can become a popular place to visit for like-minded Yamaha Pacifica fans all around the world. And also, I hear talk about how the 112V is as good as or better than MIM Fender Strat. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of work. Hi again JA. You helped me a lot. I really like your article, it is very informative. But there is an incredible gap in pricing: the PAC1611MS starts at $1,799! However I have seen an ESP EC-50 and also Epiphone Les Paul Standard which is 280 here. Therefore, PAC112V will have more advantages when compared to its ancestor. Archived [NEWBIE] [GEAR] Yamaha Pacifica 112J vs 112V. This is a really good article. Thanks for the reply. I have read the comparisons of Squier Strats v Pacificas with interest and they have helped me in reaching a decision of what to buy as an “electric beginner”, but I wonder what you think of the Washburn RX10 series as a comparison? Sounds to me like you’re looking for a brand new one, which in this case is seemingly not available – have you considered the used market? Also, the humbuckers play a key role in playing heavy, distorted, resonant and lead rhythms. Yamaha make best lefties bang for $. The difference between the two being that the 112v has a block saddle for its tremolo, its pickups are listed as "Alcino", and it has … £232. I'm into facts, engineering and bang for bucks or value. Just take one look at the Pacifica PAC112V (we’ll just call it the 112 from now on) and it’s instantly recognizable where the designers got their inspiration for the body shape: the Stratocaster. I'm picking up a new (and first) guitar, and I've decided on the Yamaha Pacifica. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Yamaha Pacifica 120h Electric Guitar - Vintage White at the best online prices at eBay! Better off asking for the left handed version of the 112v though, as the 112L is little known and might cause confusion. PAC112V can completely meet the owner's needs to play from easy to difficult with a price that cannot be better. Are they even real or just replicas. Designed to be player focused, the Pacifica range offers sound, feel and versatility ready for any style or stage. Is this model available for left-handers? It is made of rosewood and is produced in the country of the Rising Sun - Japan that has always been famous for both classical and modern musical instruments for years. I really like the pacifica forme sure, it isn’t an entry level for me but a real good guitare that can ne professional usés if little upgraded (pickups), the guitare stay in tunes very well, the neck feeling is great and the tone wood excellent ! The class-leading Pacifica 112V combines player-focused, stage-ready spec with no-compromise construction and set-up to create the best value player's guitar on the market. Henk in South Africa has gone to town on his 112, adding very nice white Graphtech bridge saddles, a pearl scratchplate, (very expensive) Fishman active pickups that give you a traditional Strat sound plus a bit of Texas Specials style grit via a push pull on the tone pot, with the battery sitting in the tremelo cavity, held by … The difference between the Pacifica 112J and the Pacifica 112V is the use of the Alnico-V pickups. The 112 is the next step up from the 012 and is generally a more popular electric guitar. It’s the neck. One very important aspect of this guitar series seems to have been left out of this review entirely – the width of the neck at the nut. But what’s the difference between the Pacifica 012 and the Pacifica 112? I am thinking of buying and modding a Pacifica 112J and replacing the tuners to locking grover or sperzel, tusq/graphtec nut, wilkinson 2 point bridge, vintage rails neck, and SH-5 Custom for the bridge. Thank you. The Yamaha is much better quality as well. Did you manage to get to play one pacifica at least? The Fender Stratocaster inspires Yamaha Pacifica. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. In a similar class, have a current model Pacifica 112V and Squier Affinity Tele for basis of comparison, as well as a Yamaha APX600. What do you think would be the better of the two, Yamaha Pacifica 112v or Squier Affinity Telecaster. The neck of the pacifica is better for me, the flatter radius helps to have no buzzing strings (the CV still have a little buzz on some notes, even after a good set up…). Click for more details on the Pacifica 012. Is there some truth to this in your opionion? Hiện có bán tại các đại lý Yamaha toàn quốc. If the answer is yes, then go for the Squier. bonjour josh merci pour ton examen de la serie pacifica 1 Customer . Hi, They are extremely affordable, as Yamaha is not popular with brand name snobs, so everyone regards them as cheap beginners instruments (what people don’t know as they are excellent quality and much better than guitars costing twice or three times as much!). What are you waiting for? The class-leading Pacifica 112V combines player-focused, stage-ready spec with no-compromise construction and set-up to create the best value player’s guitar on the market. Well, any answer you get is likely to be largely subjective… but I’ll give it a go. One of the best electric guitar values for over a decade, Yamaha Pacifica guitars are well known for great tone and outstanding playability. There are 22 frets on the Pacifica. Also does the maple fretboard on a 112vm give a different feel of play? Thanks, Colors offered include Black, Lake Blue, Metallic Red, Natural, Old Violin Sunburst, and Translucent Green. I’ll try to answer both your questions as best I can: 1) The Pacifica 112V would certainly work for pop-rock. While the “VQM” sports a beautiful quilted maple top, the “VFM” is a more subtle flaming maple top. Online experts. Comparing Pacifica 112V, Cort G254/G260 and Blade Player Delta PDE-1 and Dayton PDA1, which one you would recommend? The headstock is the top part of the keyboard, where the tuning notes are connected to the strings.