The Electronic Control Unit is encased in resin and is also completely waterproof. 20 talking about this. Most of the parts you can buy. This is a brand new 100-150 reducer (Reducer level invert SCJ DWV 123.150.100). The hatch seal sits against the inter ring of the body, allowing the hatch to apply the sealing pressure. The batteries are accessed via the large completely watertight, sealed, submarine styled, aluminium marine hatch designed by Seahorse™. Ends cut square and cut to 70mm length, this 90mm pipe is an ideal fit for the bilge pump. This hatch is user friendly, easy to use and the most secure and best sealing hatch on the market. Tauranga, 3110, Seahorse Equipment Limited It's proper use is for storm water but it is perfect for the kontiki project. The new, effective two-sided design of the Seahorse™ traceboard enables easy, fast, and safe attachment of the traces.Because Seahorse™ Kontiki's perform at high speed, we designed a traceboard that makes it easy for the operator to attach the traces safely and easily, and a winch that controls the line during the launch stage. The traces are attached between every second or third stopper on the stoppered section of line. The hatch is largest possible to allow easy fitting and removal of the batteries, and the battery position perfectly balances the Kontiki unit in the water, so no power is lost bouncing around in the waves. It calculates the course to travel, and operates the rudder to allow the Kontiki unit to follow that course. Offering excellent visibility in many different light conditions. If the motor is stalled, the control will stop and start the motor 3 times, trying to dislodge the offending item, and allow you to continue fishing. Simply place the GPS Seahorse™ Kontiki on the beach, pointing in the direction you wish it to travel. Being forward, the rudder get maximum leverage on the pivot point, allowing a smaller rudder to be used, which helps to reduce drag, ensuring maximum distance. The handle ensures the Seahorse™ Kontiki balances well when being transported. Ends cut square and cut to 800mm length, this pipe forms the main body of the kontiki. The Seahorse™ designed and machined, trace and hook holders enable the traces to be held with minimum tension ensuring easy and safe operation. You can run the Seahorse™ until the low battery cut-out switches it off, or you can set the timer to 25, 20, 15, 10 or 5 minutes run time. Just get some bait and your away fishing. I have been using a Seahorse electric kontiki for the past five years, have had many hours of enjoyment from it, and caught plenty of fish, too. Below are a selection of our instructional videos. The electronics remove a mass of wiring allowing a clean and simple battery compartment. We also found the compass would keep the kontiki unit following a compass bearing and side currents would pull it along the beach. The Seahorse Manual Beach Trolley is made from a strong and light aluminium tube and comes with a two part treated plywood top. 25 items Sort by: BEST PRICE! We have found the line towing behind the Seahorse™ Kontiki works like the tail of a kite, and this helps to keep the unit straight. Medium speed has an overload thermal auto cut-out to protect the motor. The Seahorse™ Electric Winch can be used with any electric kontiki and is perfect for kite fishing. Seahorse Twin 9ah Battery - To Suit Older Models The twin battery is two 9 ah batteries glued together, giving a total of 18 ah's. The high visibility flag is the largest practical size. The GPS Seahorse™ also have the patent protected Seahorse™ GPS Autopilot Control System. It features a built-in automated GPS-controlled Autopilot System that steers your kontiki in the direction you want. Meaning the autopilot does less work. Seahorse™ offers the world leading GPS Seahorse™ kontiki. ). It comes complete with the O ring & is normally meant for storm water but although it is expensive it is also perfect for the kontiki project & fits snugly on the larger end of the reducer above. We finally decided to combine the two, and use the strengths of each approach. BEST PRICE! The slow speed is for trolling the baits back to the beach. Seahorse Electric Kontiki. The cased aluminium drum is heat treated to guarantee greatest durability. Check out our competitive prices for fishing torpedos. The LED lights show the pre-selected running time of your Seahorse™. These are used in the older (manufactured in 2003 with one lead) Seahorse Kontiki's and winches. KENTIKI-Kontiki long hook line fishing parts-batteries-timers-electric motor-relay-light-sinker-trolley-carrier-steering device GPS auto pilot One Battery Charger; One Battery voltage tester; One 110cm Landing Pad (great protection from sand) Manual and Operating Instructions; All in it's own purpose made backpack RRP: $ 2,499.00 (Incl GST) Click for … With the summer season approaching I decided it was time to have a crack at building an electric Kontiki. The motor and rudder is as far forward as possible, which is the best location for keeping the Kontiki … 41 Whiore Ave, Tauriko Tauranga, 3140, P: 07 543 0266 This warranty costs the repair or replacement of faulty parts caused by faulty workmanship or faulty materials.
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