This is one of my favorites. lake. I'm just curious why there is not a more direct trail down to Helen Lake from the Ptarmigan Tunnel? Please contact them directly. This hike is somewhat strenuous as you are constantly in somewhat of a going uphill state. CLOSED 7/1/2020 Ptarmigan Tunnel: OPEN 8/2/2020 per 650 Elizabeth Lake Suspension Bridge: Installed 6/18/2020 Removed 9/23/2020 per 650 The Ptarmigan Tunnel is a testament to that history that still stands today. The Highline Trail stretches from Logan Pass to the Granite ... is demanding but very rewarding, with a few highlighted backcountry destinations including Stoney Indian Pass, the Ptarmigan Tunnel, and Hole-in-the-Wall. Gain 2,300 feet over 10.7 miles, traversing stunning alpine expanses, before reaching the historic tunnel, completed in the 1930s. Some Septembers are as nice as August, but there is a now a greater chance of significant snow fall. Information on entering the United States from Waterton Lake National Park is available on the Visiting Goat Haunt page of the website. Waterton Townsite is NOT a Canadian Port of Entry therefore all arrivals to Waterton Townsite must phone Canadian Customs without delay at (403) 653-3535 or (403) 653-3009 for acceptance/rejection by Canadian authorities. Anyone hiked it … Ptarmigan Tunnel – 10.5mi / 16.9km. The route to Ptarmigan Tunnel shares the initial and final 2.7 miles as the Iceberg Lake Trail is is similarly one of the more popular hikes in Glacier. Crampons may be helpful. The elevation gain is about 2,300' and as you approach the lake the vistas become more and more amazing. The trail is primarily used for hiking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from March until September. Ptarmigan Tunnel is typically open from mid-July until October 1. Passing below the grass covered western slopes of Mount Henkel and spectacular views of the Swiftcurrent Valley and incredible Mount Wilber and its class 4 … Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. Be aware that mountain weather is unpredictable; always be prepared for a variety of conditions. Along the route you pass through the Ptarmigan Tunnel, hike over Stoney Indian Pass and Swiftcurrent Pass, and hike along 11 miles of the famous Highline Trail, which follows the Continental Divide and provides some of… The trail is shared with the Iceberg Lake trail for the first half of its length (2.5 mi.). Date and Radio Number Very difficult and the final climb is tiring but it’s well worth it. It's about 2.1 more miles to Iceberg Lake. The 250 foot man-made tunnel that goes through the knife edge ridge of Ptarmigan Wall is a treat, with breathtaking views on both sides. This trail, Ptarmigan Tunnel, and plenty others won’t open this summer. Backcountry Campgrounds earliest scheduled openings begin June 15th, but the Belly River region in the northeast and the North Fork region in the northwest are often accessible in May. Named for the lovely ptarmigan birds, which live in the area year-round, Ptarmigan Lake sits in a high mountain cirque of big peaks. Dangerous snow bridges may also exist. These reports contain the most recent information available for listed trail segments. Ptarmigan Tunnel Hiking Trail in Many Glacier, Glacier National Park, MT - This moderately strenuous hike ascends to a tunnel piercing the Ptarmigan Valley’s knife-edge headwall with stunning views of the peaks soaring above Many Glacier area to the south and the Belly River Valley to the north. Close. Snow conditions can change daily: icy in the morning, soft in the afternoon. Was there a geologic reason the trail was built to wind all the way down and back around Elizabeth Lake? Trip Overview: The North Circle backpacking loop traverses ~52 miles within the impressive Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park. Hotels near Travel Alberta West Glacier Visitor Information Centre, Boat Tours & Water Sports in West Glacier, Points of Interest & Landmarks in West Glacier, Travel Alberta West Glacier Visitor Information Centre: Tickets & Tours‎, Crown of the Continent Discovery Center: Tickets & Tours‎, Rocky Point Nature Trail: Tickets & Tours‎. CLOSED as part of general east side closure due to pandemic. The trail continues and gets steep once again. Ptarmigan Tunnel Hiking Trail in Many Glacier, Glacier National Park, MT - This moderately strenuous hike ascends to a tunnel piercing the Ptarmigan Valley’s knife-edge headwall with stunning views of the peaks soaring above Many Glacier area to the south and the Belly River Valley to the north. Just one of the litany of stupid decisions made surrounding this largely inconsequential virus. Reality: Again we were up and at the restaurant not long after it opened. Generally, snow and water hazards are gone although water hazards may suddenly re-appear after thunderstorms. The majority of the backcountry campgrounds are open by mid-July although the routes connecting the campgrounds may still be impassible. Snow storms may deposit lingering snow, requiring map and compass skills for route finding. The Many Glaciers section of the park, especially the Ptarmigan Trail (Iceberg trail), is located in bear habitat. ALPINE TUNNEL ROAD #839: Gunnison/Gunnison: 970-641-0471: OPEN TO ROCK FALL: 7/3/20: COMMENTS: Courtesy of Gunnison Ranger District. The views are worth it! NOTE - The Palisade section of FSR 839 towards Alpine Tunnel remains closed (above junction of Tomichi Pass Trail … 7/21/20 - Trail Open. Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail Elizabeth Lake to the Ptarmigan Tunnel/ 4.8 mi. Bear right to continue to Ptarmigan Tunnel. Loading... Unsubscribe from Ken Turner? So total miles is the 10.7 miles for Ptarmigan Tunnel plus 2.1 x 2 for the spur to Iceberg Lake, which makes a … Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail shares the first half of its trail with the Iceberg Lake Trail, eventually arriving at Ptarmigan Lake located at the base of Ptarmigan Wall. When passing through this 240-foot tunnel, you hike through big meadows filled with wildlife as well as a dense forest. The hike can take up to 7 hours depending on how good of shape you are in. The Ptarmigan Tunnel was built in 1930 through the Ptarmigan Wall at an elevation of 7,200 feet (2,200 m) in Glacier National Park, near Many Glacier, in Montana, US.The 250-foot (76 m) manmade tunnel allows hikers to avoid a strenuous climb over very steep terrain between Many Glacier and the Belly River valley. Make sure to check with the ranger to see if the trails are open due to bear activity and if the tunnel is open. Snow Hazard Most seasonal suspension and plank bridges are all removed by late September. Initial maintenance work done by park crews to clear downed trees or any other obstacles that may hinder travel. You'll see the two switchbacks up on the slope to the tunnel. Both are absolutely gorgeous hikes. Ptarmigan Tunnel Hike. The hike to Ptarmigan Tunnel in Glacier National Park begins behind the cabins near the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn. Stock Use Not Recommended Huckleberries are plentiful here, and black bears are not uncommon, so be prepared. For the next 1.5 miles, the trail ascends through a forest to the foot of Ptarmigan Lake. August 1 – Aug 31 Accessible High Country Huckleberries are plentiful here, and black bears are not uncommon, so be prepared. The Iceberg Lake Trail splits off just after Ptarmigan Falls. The number of hikers on this section of the trail thins out, because most will have turned off toward Iceberg Lake. Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail Ken Turner. It's this section that makes the trip worth it, but the view on the far side of the tunnel is exceptional! Backcountry Campgrounds are open but may close at any time due to bear activity or forest fire for days or weeks. Day 8: The plan: Iceberg Lake (9.7 miles). This new mosaic is inspired by one of the hikes we did in Glaci er National Park in Montana in the summer of 2013. See park web site for map with latest area closure.. Is this a place or activity you would suggest for, Is this a must-do if you are traveling with a, Would you recommend this place or activity to a friend looking for an, Is this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for, Is this a place or activity you would go to on a, Great hike. Bears are most active at this time of year, foraging for up to 20 hours a day. Follow signs to Iceberg Lake. This hike shares its first 2.7 miles with the Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail. Trail Description:. After Ptarmigan Falls the trail gets steeper and continues 1.6 miles to Ptarmigan Lake. Includes Glacier Park Hiking, Glacier Park Trails, Glacier Park Hikes, Many Glacier. Recognition Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on February 14, 1986 Continue straight up the trail, and you'll reach an intersection with Ptarmigan Pass Trail and Ptarmigan Peak Trail. Image of outdoor, ptarmigan, landmark - 186139777 PRR successor Penn Central abandoned portion of line with tunnels May 1970. This indicates the date of the trail status update and the radio number of the individual responsible for the trail report. Swift, cold water and treacherous footing exist at unbridged stream and/or river crossings. More Information on contacting Canadian Customs is available at the Waterton Lakes Visitor Centre or the Waterton Station of the Royal Canadian Mounted. Hewn from the rock beneath the Ptarmigan Wall, the tunnel allows the Ptarmigan Trail to pass through the mountain, bypassing some of the most difficult terrain on its way from Many Glacier to Cosley Lake. Turn right here to stay on the Ptarmigan Tunnel trail. The trail was pretty steady (but steep!) Wind storms can bring trees down in the summer and fall after the trail crew has cleared the trail of downed trees. I didn'thike toPtarmigan Tunnel, but I did hike to Iceberg Lake. Around mile 4.5 you'll arrive at treeline. If a trail has not been cleared, it may not mean that it is impassable but only that no maintenance has been done and the actual condition may be unknown. Ptarmigan Tunnel - Glacier National Park Built in 1930, the Ptarmigan tunnel connects Many Glacier and the Belly River valley. more. I had tiramisu pancakes. Once you reach Iceberg Lake, walk around to find your own unique vantage point away from the crowds and eat a snack. 4.8 miles roun trip to junction above Ptarmigan Falls, plus 4.6 miles RT to Iceberg Lake. After that you’ll come to a bridge over Ptarmigan Creek and about a .1 mile later you’ll be at the Iceberg Lake Trail junction. Snow hazards may begin to develop. The trail starts at Cottonwood Pass and climbs through dense pine forests before breaking out into flowery meadows dotted by small ponds. Seasonal suspension and plank bridges start to be installed in late May. Trails are often muddy and covered in puddles or flowing water at lower elevations. At the junction just beyond the falls, the Ptarmigan Tunnel trail is to the right – or north. - Duration: 8:28. It is very strenuous with an elevation change of 2300 feet. Follow this trail for 2.5 miles until Ptarmigan Falls is reached. Ptarmigan Tunnel Hike. 6/14/2014 per 601. Ptarmigan Trail – Glacier National Park, framed stained glass mosaic, 30″ x 30″ ~SOLD. If we feel up to it, Ptarmigan tunnel trail shares part of the trail. After the initial climb, the trail is more gradual. 2. We went and ate, but we were pretty dispirited. The Ptarmigan Tunnel and Iceberg Lake Trails share the first 2.7 miles. Ptarmigan Tunnel Hiking Detail - Hiking Trail in Many Glacier, Glacier National Park, MT - This moderately strenuous hike ascends to a tunnel piercing the Ptarmigan Valley’s knife-edge headwall with stunning views of the peaks soaring above Many Glacier area to the south and the Belly River Valley to the north. The trail climbs steadily through forest before reaching beautiful Ptarmigan Lake (4.2 … Water Hazard It sounds pretty hard. Currently, the first workday is scheduled for July 18th. We even got a parking place. until you reach the lake below the switchbacks. WEST GLACIER - The popular Highline Trail at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park opened Friday morning, while the Ptarmigan Tunnel was cleared Thursday. May 1 – June 30 Early Season
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