Write the formula using the smallest whole number ratio between the cation and anion to balance charge. The formula for lithium phosphide is Li 3 P. . 10377-52-3. Ask Question + 100. Lithium phosphide (Li3P) 12057-29-3. Example #4 - Write the formula for: tin(IV) phosphide… 0000001832 00000 n 100. H��W�n�@}�W�#(�fw��F�r����-�/I\�Ih��Qڿ��� ���J�̙3g.�U�����LB����}�>:E痧�>���B��u�?����pttrF/��"ü7��:i�LI��p�P*�$�ɽ��g߂�s�K���82�уv��:\��̲���ڵ(�>�(��2*���*�`0h��U�B�猣��և'(�J�PsY�"����j�^;�mU� �/��#y)�`�#��/U�����&d�a:���T4�GqW���hv�XB��/}aW�]��AmmS)捤´�4qUFb�H�)b$��� �2c���j��RV�/���+�I���Ix��FU1�Z�&R0iq�i�[׀����i�,�S_#:J$d}_*�{V>���imT�6R1e���t�F7i�,s� j��8i�md�^�. 0000043403 00000 n Change the ending to –ide. Anions include halogens and nonmetals. Cations (positively-charged ions) and anions (negatively-charged ions) are formed when a metal loses electrons, and a nonmetal gains those electrons. At the same time, each anion attracts several different cations. h�bbbd`b``Ń3� ���� � &� endstream endobj 294 0 obj <>/Metadata 5 0 R/Pages 4 0 R/StructTreeRoot 7 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 295 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 1/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 296 0 obj <> endobj 297 0 obj <> endobj 298 0 obj <> endobj 299 0 obj <> endobj 300 0 obj <>stream 1 Structures Expand this section. a) hydronium ion, H₃O⁺ → Polyatomic cation ... lithium ion → Li⁺ ... P³⁻ → phosphide ion. 2020-11-21. Contents. Antimonide Sb 3-, Arsenate AsO4 3-, Arsenide As 3-, Borate BO3 3-, Boride B 3-, Citrate C6H5O7 3-, Hypophosphite PO2 3-, Nitride N 3-, Perphosphate PO5 3-, Phosphate PO4 3-, Phosphide … 12. 0000072556 00000 n These forces are so far reaching that one cation attracts several different anions. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. 0000003042 00000 n 0000012069 00000 n Q. The chief was seen coughing and not wearing a mask. Ionic compounds are electrically neutral because they consist of ions with opposite charges and equal magnitude. Join. Trending Questions. 0000089786 00000 n Step #3 - Sulfide (the anion) means S 2 ¯. 0000089220 00000 n Calcium sulfate is formed from the Ca2+ cation and the SO2−4 anion. Phosphoric acid, lithium salt (1:3) UNII-2QM4K05Q74 ... TABLE 5.45 Name Cation Anion Compound Cs20 1. 2005-08-08. Információ az eszközéről és internetkapcsolatáról, beleértve az IP-címét, Böngészési és keresési tevékenysége a Verizon Media webhelyeinek és alkalmazásainak használata közben. Supply a systematic name for each of the following oxyanions. Component Compounds: CID 3028194 (Lithium) CID 62746 (Phosphanide) Dates: Modify . _____ 4. Hydrates. Salts are hygroscopic, or tend to pick up water.This water is called water of hydration. Cation - Polyatomic anion. ��S�"ݫ6�ŗ��jS��c2)��EN��ɸ�s}Aa�z������ ��T�J���@:�@�Y0x`�m��4���Z��V�������z͝�y�ͽ��������DzYH��Zo�.�.�3d�!P��ES� �m�lĥ�TZ�C¶���Ҋ�TZ�b _____ (uncriss-cross subscripts to determine charges) 3. 0000011626 00000 n H��WMo�@��W�Teٙ���H IZ�$jW=4=� %�` ���;6!f6�y���yJZ�o$�&����u>�p:J���y�������6$O�2�;p��S 4ZH@��"���W�y����9I�A�w���5P:����{�>Hwä�Y�qvɘ���,/B���4������,.Z�u����,!~�X��ҴXH&8��i/,8�E��a������q�;)�Sh����tk j �H!���/�#�9?���q�hg��(�@�@Y����p�K�Mh~O?�@� The name of a monatomic cation is simply the name of the element followed by the word ion.Thus, Na + is the sodium ion, Al 3 + is the aluminum ion, Ca 2 + is the calcium ion, and so forth.. We have seen that some elements lose different numbers of electrons, producing ions of different charges. H��WMk1��W�hS,�cf$A��N trailer <<549A7432722D434E841C0035159A0E74>]/Prev 212259/XRefStm 1496>> startxref 0 %%EOF 339 0 obj <>stream Lithium loses its one valence electron to become Li +1 and phosphorus gains three electrons to become P-3..... See full answer below. H���Mo1���>n�:���/��D�JQ. remember, that comes from the Roman numeral. If you do not see a subscript, there is only ϭ atom. Lithium phosphide is a salt with a lithium cation and a phosphide anion. j���b7�?F��Ԃ���_�4*�� p�y��c!�7-�YQ8eU�}d�)�U!�dS�����.�9�����?NTn-^��^I��:���pI�grp"\[����[�.�M�v�P�g� 舿*ϯ�l�k^Js�N��s��'�����H&����aԇ�:L�6���V�s^M��D��I�'�E�-؁c���V�pRp]>�D�O��)����9 ��F L?5L� ��.�kaw.�� �����@�4�.� \9T��\��~Un��|�z����v��I���AV[d����W-���}��]SE�������R�l��_�"��6��xӉ"�&f����\����������4��G��6���6�PiP��Z,ڜ0��|�C,���L ;#�b�Λߪ�\�@� ��bM�|t,1;�>���}�sj�d��.$��.�����鈹��'�����R;�\=�]+l�#t�%�׬/+i�}�����ZS%�@~+��=5�������]n��s�aSs ���0�0b�s��d��W�)�Y%n:ʺF`�s��l��]6�|dY"�ah���ݲnB�� ߃&d endstream endobj 302 0 obj <>stream 0000112633 00000 n Atom Name Atomic Number Ion Formed Energy Used lithium beryllium boron sodium lithium magnesium aluminum potassium calcium ©2018 PlayMada Games LLC. Sr 3 N 2. In this way, many ions … 0000003249 00000 n 0000089473 00000 n Name the cation as written on the periodic table. 0000111275 00000 n Common Covalent Binary Inorganic Compounds # of atoms Prefix (element closest to fluorine goes on right)Common Examples 1 Mono H 2 Hydrogen N 2 Nitrogen 2 Di O 2 Oxygen NH 3 Ammonia 3 Tri O 3 Ozone NO Nitrogen monoxide (Nitric Oxide) 4 Tetra H 2O Water (Dihydrogen Monoxide) NO 2 Nitrogen dioxide 5 Penta F 2 Fluorine N 2O Dinitrogen monoxide (Nitrous oxide) 6 Hexa HF Hydrogen fluoride N
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