Then Shorty Mac created stacking to symbolize each level of rank. Bloods, Vice Lords, Latin Kings, Black Peace Dogs, P Stones, or any others that may roll. Check Out Coupon Codes and Special Offers At, we offer handpicked product deals, printable coupons, and promo codes from over 20,000 merchants, including Macy's,, Best Buy, Travelocity, and thousands of other popular brands! How to use folk in a sentence. IGD always Plots, Plans and Follows Through. The 5’s killed your King and defiled your Queen. 6 Killer ‘BK’ for Blood Killa. List of Folk Nation gangs. The Black Gangster Disciples are associated with the Folk Nation gangs and use a lot of identifiers associated with their Gang and Nation such as a “pitchfork”, the number “6”, the number “5” placed upside down (to indicate disrespect for the rival People Nation), the six-sided “Star of David” symbol (to honor one of the Black Gangster Disciple founders, David BARKSDALE), and numbers “74” (for “GD”). Le mot anglais folk, remis en usage par les romantiques, désigne les gens du peuple. Years later, Prince Peter Paul perfected and modified stacking so you could sign stories and messages without speaking a word. Forever all Gs will ride 11.20 – Ride with and die in honor. 2-7-4-14 - Code for Black Gangster Disciples Nation (B.G.D.N.- 2nd, 7th, 4th and 14th letters of alphabet) 23/24 - Inmates on lockup - 23 out of 24 hours each day 24/7 or 247 - Constantly - 24 hours per day, 7 days a week 26ers - Two Sixers - Chicago street gang 3 - 3rd letter of alphabet: C - frequently used by Bloods to replace the letter C in words to disrespect the Crips i.e. Tags Folk Nation 720 Gangster Disciples Tag: Folk Nation 720 Gangster Disciples Three gang members seeking relief from D.A.’s gang injunction in Superior Court Queens have their own book of knowledge called Book of Sheba, wrote by David and Sheba, this was to program girls. B LOOD AND CRIPS ALPHABETS Below are creative alphabets which members use for communication purposes. Gangs Edit. David went out in a rage knowing that Vice Lords hung out outside of the doughnut shop. To gather info and intelligence on not only the other organizations but also different sets of the Folk Nation. Folk Nation: Pitchfork, 6-Point Star, Upside Down 5 and the color Blue Vero Beach, Florida. Throughout his youth, Hoover was involved with various gangs, including the Devil's Disciples and the Black Disciples. The Bloods or Vice Lords or anybody else that rolls with them are our enemies and they deserve death. : The content of these gang profiles are compiled from years of investigations, training, gang member and subject matter expert interviews, confiscated gang paraphernalia, historical research, etc. gangsta disciple prayer Are you true 974 IGD? For example, a member of the Black Gangster Disciples could be a member of that gang AND also a member of the Folk Nation. Insane Gangster Disciples are white kids who grew up admiring the hip-hop life, and once in custody found themselves face-to-face with the real thing: thus they dare not call themselves “real” Gangster Disciples, they call themselves “Insane Gangster Disciples”, … In 2010, mobile numbers were changed, and … Classic editor History Comments (3) Share. GD founder Larry Hoover was born Nov. 30, 1950 in a small town in Mississippi. They are rivals to the People Nation. Queens come in as a factor to help control Gs and also to give incentive for young guys to want to join. but my nation will always stand in the shine of the 6. all is one and one is all. The reasons being that IGD not only does the day to day street hustles but they also perform the need of assassinations because it’s easier to control a single set than it is to control the Nation as a whole. FTP Fuck The Police . Contents . Blessed In: Lowest initiation = Pee Wee “G”, 336 Initiation: 3 Minute 36 Seconds against 3 Gs (1 Pee Wee, 1 Lowfoot, and 1 Midfoot), Overseen by 1 Highfoot & 1 Knight = Rank: Lowfoot Soldier, 636 Initiation: 6 Minutes 36 Seconds against 6 Gs (2 Lightfoot, 2 Midfoot, 2 Highfoot) = Rank: Midfoot Soldier, 720 Initiation: 7 Minutes 20 Seconds against 3 Gs (3 Midfoot) = Rank: Highfoot Solider, 1440 Initiation: 12 Days of Hell: 6 Days of 336, 3 Days of 636, 3 Days of 720 = Rank: Little G, Black Panthers - Hoover’s father was a Black Panther, Masonic Order of The Free Masons - David’s father was Masonic, NAACP - Jeffery Fort’s father was NAACP (Fort is called Jive), 360 bricks means 360 degrees of knowledge, 720 coming back means 720 degrees of knowledge tells you what 360 really is and also the next level of knowledge, 1440 all around is what the combination of 360-720 creates and what it means and how to apply it and control the Gs through rank earning and the use of G queens. Rectangle containing two triangles with one darkened in on the back right shoulder of a female is an open queen, which means any G can have sex with her. It tells how high a soldier or officers rank by how much he knows. If you keep a young G busy learning something it keeps them from asking a lot of questions, or remembering questions, this is a form of control. To gather info and intelligence on not only the other organizations but also different sets of the Folk Nation. The bird’s cage is the holder of the nest, the nest is the holder of the key, and the key is the symbol for opening your mind to a new concept of thinking. IGD’s main code is Money, Mac, Murder, we don’t maintain. Through investigation, he found out that Jeff (Fort) betrayed David by helping Queen Sheba’s father; a Blood OG, come up with a plan to kill David. Gangs Edit. This angered Solomon and he plotted to create a new order that would try to keep this from happening. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, February 3, 2016. Having then seized power, Larry Hoover called for a meeting with other local gangs leaders, in an effort to strengthen the black presence in southern Chicago. A folk costume (also regional costume, national costume, traditional garment, or traditional regalia) expresses an identity through costume, which is usually associated with a geographic area or a period of time in history.It can also indicate social, marital or religious status. folk nation sets pictures Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. They are the ones one the left and under the 5 and they are evil and evil should be in eternal darkness. Myth says David died there but he really died at the hospital with fluid in his lungs. FOLK originally meant Followers of Our Lord King, then BGD was formed as a militant unit and Hoover was made King of the BGD, and Fort controlled the GDs but Fort wanted to be the King of the Nation. List of Folk Nation gangs. S-3 Student Conduct and Discipline Administrative Procedures (cont.) the day my flag falls is the day i fall, too. 2.7.14 B/D/N = Black Disciple Nation. Plan for reaction and follow through with your mission. IGD is more deeply trained than any other part of the Nation. Contents . Il est donc possible de le traduire par populaire. pitchforks 4 life niggaz The Folk Nation is not one specific gang. La folk music désignait d'abord dans les pays de langue anglaise la musique populaire traditionnelle. 5-Point Star. Led by a King "Organization Structure" When it comes to the organization structure the individual is subordinate to the organization structure. Stacking is also a form of sign language; if learned properly a G can tell a long story in a fraction of time. Solomon went to Hoover and told him the things he knew. Rappers Edit. Practice all you learn. The Folk Nation was formed on November 11, 1978, within the confines of the Illinois Department of Corrections. We are the strong of the strong and brave of the brave. fuck slobs cuz the mighty folk r rulin now. Hoover sat one day with King David and was talking about the different natures of man and a woman when Sheba came walking up with her panther. Small mind: Discuss people. It is an alliance of many gangs. For the folk and country musician, “Gospel First Nation” is a “delicate blend” of two key realms of his life. Insane Code is deeper than GD, BGD, GG, MLD, SD, and IG because it makes its members want to have their chance to kill in David’s name. Folk has different sets, this is the order: Solomon created IGD after David’s death; it was created to have a set dedicated to extracting vengeance for David’s death and also to police the other sets. This is another form of manipulation, cause it makes a young person think he’s got to try to live a man’s life while he’s a kid because in the streets; a lifetime is less than 20 years. Folk and People Nations are loose umbrella organizations origi-nally formed in Chicago. FBI Fun and Games! Do not fail because to fail is to show a weakness and IGD is not weak. The bums were used to gather intel on the west side of how many Bloods were where and to find out who was called OGs; same with the east side and the Vice Lords. Right over wrong. No other Folk person had any control in its creation or its development. Over a period of time, a G gets used to knowing he should kill his enemy. of folk nation gangs on page 5; There are plenty of people claiming that they are 974 IGD. 6 poppin, 5 dropping like popcorn popping. An Outlaw G is no longer trusted by the Nation and is considered “at risk.” An Outlaw remains a G but is no longer used for anything important. Gangster Disciples America's Most Wanted Real Gangster Vero Beach Gd Color Blue Graffiti Folk Florida. The Folk Nation (also known as Folks) is an alliance of street gangs, based in the Chicago area, which has since spread throughout the United States, specifically in the Midwest and the South. IGD is IGD; the other sets are the rest of the Nation. 6-Point Star. Within the Folk Nation alliance there are many gangs which all have their own unique colors, hand signs and organization. The average IGD member has killed at least 2 times within the first 6 years. G-ster Gangster Gang Banger A gang member. Protect your Nation and follow the Yellow Brick Road to 1440 “life’s perfection,” the Gs perfection. The teens were taught sneak attacks, ambushes, set up kills, observation (look, listen and learn), hand to hand, get-a-way plans and techniques, defensive posture and stances, false relaxation or false comfort, levels of awareness, use of weapons, guns, knives, chains, sticks/staffs, socks with powdered soap and black pepper in it, homemade slapjacks or homemade arson tools, poisoned dope, spiked coke, and strychnine laced dope, weapon marking, weapon dumping, weapon relay, and weapon maintenance. Now, in reality, this story is to train Gs to want to find girls to become queens because they are the future of the Nation but how are they the future of the Nation? The Gangology Specialist Certification focuses on developing the student’s level of knowledge pertaining to street gang evolution, gang crime law, gang identification, communications, typology, personal safety, and the psychological and sociological impact street gangs have on society, as well as officer and public safety. – Serve the Nation and IGD with full loyalty. 7 Colts of Armor Heart: The love I have for my FOLK$. others will speak my name and know the name of death. Folk-Crip ‘8-Balla’ Tiny Rascals . Solomon honored his sacred vow and his promise. Folk Nation Playboy Bunny. Formation. It’s called using the 3rd eye. 5 in the sky…..6 must die – Revenge; a People Nation member was killed – a retaliation against the Folks Nation will take place. Associated with Folk Nation Six-point stars Numbers 360, 274 or 74 Pitchfork hand signs . i live by my nation's laws, die by the disciple's creed, loyal to my nation, loyal to my breed. The 3 point crown was adopted and the 3 points became as LLL; Look, Listen, and Learn. Find Great Buys in a Flash! Many of the gangs will alter or recreate the alphabet to a certain degree to suit their own use. Blood spelled out with two hands ‘sbp’ for South Beach Posse out of Miami. 3 minds Great mind: Discuss things. That way it makes it far easier to program a G to kill. To see the Blood of your enemies is good because right over left is righteousness over wrongdoing. Love your brothers. GD and BGD three heads David, Hoover, and Dundee. Bloods and Vice Lords, and Latin Kings follow the left so we follow the right. One of the 9 year olds was white and one was black. He used outside methods to mold IGD and its members. Hoover didn’t like the idea of the new set but agreed to it only after Solomon promised on his pitchfork to leave Fort alone and to never send anyone on a mission to kill Fort. None of them are worthy of life. Hoover said, “I can’t believe Sheba’s panther killed mine.” Because mine was a male and should have been stronger than her female panther. Founded with the philosophy of \"overcoming racial prejudice\" and creating an organization of \"Kings\" and \"Queens,\" the Latin Kings evolved into a criminal enterprise operating throughout the United States under two umbrella factionsMotherland, also known as KMC (King Manife… folk nation sets pictures Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The golden apple tree is on the right because we follow the right, but what the golden apple tree is – is the first step of knowledge splitting. 5-0 is The police. 360 - Folk Nation - numbers representing "full circle of knowledge" 360 degrees - A "pure" Black Gangster Disciple 40's - 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor 410 - Gangster Disciple code for "Folks in battle" 415's - Gang name taken from the telephone area code for San Francisco, CA area Skulls tattooed on left arm means he has killed for rank or 1 headed cobra or dragon with skulls in it tells how many Blood or Vice Lord was killed for rank. Those gangs aligned with the Folk Nation, including the Crips, will use the number six, a … If a person shows signs of remorse or guilt, he is given a street hustle as a job. Washington, DC It is commonly used by a branch of the Gangster Disciples. A new Nation, the FOLK NATION! Folk Nation A large gang which identifies with the 6 point star, the color blue, and pitchforks. However, it can be used as a guideline during investigations, strategy development, police development and officer safety awareness briefings. Sheba’s was white and David’s was white, and Hoover’s was black. Rappers Edit. The gate and the gatekeeper are to build an impression into the subconscious mind that there is something beyond death. The 3rd eye is just knowing what to look for: Then a few years later, when the first mixed person joined the GD, (Shorty Mac), David, Hoover, and Fort decided to go to an aristocratic ranking system. IGD controls and performs all controlled or sanctioned hits. 5 Poppin, 6 Droppin - People Nation - Term used to disrespect gangs in the Folks Nation; People Nation (5) members shooting at Folk Nation (6)members 5-0 is The police 510 is Oakland, CA area code; used by some to identify the location of their gang or set 50/50 is Neutral; non-gang member 6 is Number symbolic to Folk Nation Crip Code knowledge Solomon went to David and told David what happened. Dagger with skull on right arm, if it has Cs detailed in it, it means he killed a cousin if it has upright or inverted forks he killed another G because he was a spy or worse. These gangs are the Black Gangster Disciples, the Black Disciples, Gangster Disciples, La Raza, Cobras, Eagles, Latin Disciples, Maniac Latin Disciples, Simon City Royals, Spanish Gangsters, Two Sixers and the International. 1. It “the gate” is there to confuse reality in the young G. The Rottweiler represents the heads of the Nation’s ranks. Solomon conducted his strict teachings through total secrecy. Saved by The Gang Enforcement Company. This means provide all you have to learning the code of Insane. For 1 King down – all IGD need to take 5. chief keef Lil durk SD LA Capone (RIP) Edai Cadi (JAIL) Lil reses S. Dot D.rose (JAIL) Rondonumber9 (JAIL) Links Edit. FTL Fuck The Law. How to use folk in a sentence. Edit. Folk Nation. 5-0 - The police. 5 Poppin, 6 Droppin - People Nation - Term used to disrespect gangs in the Folks Nation; People Nation (5) members shooting at Folk Nation (6)members 5-0 is The police 510 is Oakland, CA area code; used by some to identify the location of their gang or set 50/50 is Neutral; non-gang member 6 is Number symbolic to Folk Nation Crip Code knowledge Qatar is country code +974, dialed as 00 974 from many places. At first, Hoover didn’t want IGD to exist in any form. The left side of the Yellow Brick Road is death or a graveyard of dead slobs. (Note: GD, BGD, and all other Folk sets are now under Growth and Development, but IGD doesn’t – Money, Mac, and Maintain). To follow the basis of the orginization, help all fellow brothers and sisters to better themselves as well as the community. The pitchfork was adopted as a symbol of war, also the points of the pitchfork became a standing creed; Mind, Body, and Soul. Why we follow the right. If you are happy with this, please share it to your friends. They are still a G cause a G is a G and is always a G. Queen Sheba was raped and went to Solomon and told Solomon that two Vice Lords defiled her. Pitchfork on right upper arm means Soldier, 6 on right wrist means Insane Foot Soldier, 5 on left wrist shows disrespect – killed 1 slob in a non-mission fight. 510 is Oakland, CA area code; used by some to identify the location of their gang or set 50/50 is Neutral; non-gang member 6 is Number symbolic to Folk Nation Solomon went and searched for Hoover after about 45 minutes Solomon found Hoover and explained all to him. Solomon introduced into the IGD a strict order of secrecy but also told his Gs to always claim, because it was a form of psychological mind games and it showed no fear to all whom encountered his Gs. Solomon formed IGD (The Cobra) after King David’s death. Six point star on right breast of female means she was brought in as an individual queen and she could be given to another G as a gift. peace king david. Missions are what help a G get rank in his eyes, but really what it is, is a way to make him a criminal and to cause him to want to prove himself of his use to the Nation and his manhood. – Kill because your King was killed. Do not do anything without plotting a course of action. He moved with his family to Chicago in the late 1950s. Drugs, family, clothes, to be popular, and money caused girls from 13 and up to want to be queens. After he got 60 Gs and 20 Queens, he slowly implemented his true direction of IGD. This is your code; Money, Mac, Murder! Missions are to form a person into a job description, i.e., thief, drug dealer, bookie, pimp, extortionist, black mailer, loan shark, fence, gun runner, horse, con, killer. Protect your knowledge, self, and other with force. The code is different than all others of the 6, Life, Love, Loyalty, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, We are the Assassins of the Nation; our concept is 360, We acknowledge 720 but we live 360; Life, Love & Loyalty forever Insane, We look learn and listen because we are IGD; Mind, Body & Soul, Insane to the membrane 6 poppin 5 droppin all day every day forever for always for life. 7 Comments. The different symbols of the Folks Nation alliance are not exclusive to the alliance, some of them were taken from gangs that were original members of the alliance such as the 6 point star which was already being used by the Gangster Disciples. Labels: codes for members, Knowdledge crip gang codes. 50/50 - Neutral; non-gang member The minority is subordinate to the majority, the entire membership is subordinate to the honorable Chairman and his executive staff. Blood and Crips Alphabets. Gangsta with pitchfork on right back shoulder means Insane from start all day every day. Insane Gangster Disciples – Code Name “Cobra” Solomon created IGD after David’s death; it was created to have a set dedicated to extracting vengeance for David’s death and also to police the other sets. Listed above you'll find some of the best folk coupons, discounts and promotion codes as ranked by the users of ... listed in Title 36 of the United States Code, including scouting groups. The Latin Kings were seen as a Latino progress movement to improve quality in immigrant families overcoming racial discrimination. Formation. Folk Nation La Raza Nation ... Ainsi, les Crips ont un code vestimentaire très strict prônant la couleur bleue : ils se distinguent par le port de bombers et de bandanas bleus ainsi que par le port de chaussures de sport British Knights, dont ils tirent des initiales « BK » la signification Blood Killer, tueur de Blood, leur principal gang rival. If a G kills a rival or a civilian, whether the G being Insane or not without a high ranks consent, he is considered an Outlaw G. The only time this does not apply is a kill or be killed situation. Get a Job! Also, the post stance is a way for people of rank to know who in an area are Gs. Because if you don’t kill them they will kill you. Since they follow the original doctrine of David Barksdale, they consider themselves the only true Disciples, as all other gangs have created their own literature and strayed from the original teachings. Within the Folk Nation alliance there are many gangs which all have their own unique colors, hand signs and organization. The Gangster Disciples are a street gang which was formed in the South Side of Chicago in the late 1960s, by Larry Hoover, leader of the Supreme Gangsters, and David Barksdale, leader of the Black Disciples.The two groups united to form the Black Gangster Disciple Nation (BGDN). Mediocre mind: Discuss ideas. What is initiation? Edit. Folk Nation. Gang Banging Involved in gang activity. Keep all knowledge secret. Here are Roblox music code for Russian Anthem Roblox ID. All 5’s are treated as a slob and slobs are unworthy. The Folk Nation (also known as Folk) is an alliance of street gangs, based in the Chicago area, which has since spread throughout the United States, specifically in the Midwest and the South. He hired these people for training except the bums. Sheba’s panther was female and Hoover’s panther was male, so Hoover said, “David, let’s cause the two panthers to fight and see which one will win.”. of folk nation gangs on page 5; Walk under the eyes of David. David told Sheba to take her panther back to their castle and told a G to get the black panther removed and buried. Solomon tried to stop him but David told him to go get Hoover. But soldiers are aloud to petty hustle on the streets, just the big stuff is out of their hands. Colors; blue, black gray or white head bands or bandanas, tattoos, Teardrops tattooed on left eye means he has killed an enemy. They are rivals to the People Nation. Folk definition is - people generally. Gangsta with pitchfork on right back shoulder means GD, BGD, GG, and ID from day one. These symbols include the number five, a five-pointed star, and a five-pointed crown. Solomon handpicked all of his set in the beginning; he had no recruiter because he trusted no one. Il a la même origine que l’allemand Volk qui a le sens plus large de nation. David was ordained King and Folk Nation was created off of GDs. Kind David made Sheba his Queen and she controlled the other queens that joined. chief keef Lil durk SD LA Capone (RIP) Edai Cadi (JAIL) Lil reses S. Dot D.rose (JAIL) Rondonumber9 (JAIL) Links Edit. Slobs be dropping like raindrops dropping. to all g's under folk's nation. Introduction to the Nation, Folk is an organization that is based on the principle of unity. A family which abides to the laws and politics set forth by its honorable founder. Stacking is considered to be a great accomplishment for a G and it is customary to praise a G for learning to stack with dexterity. Death to those on the left under the 5. What is initiation? Some Top Crip Gang Codes Symbols Knowledge for members, Prevent and Stop Gang Violence - How to Prevent and Stop Gang Violence in Our Society, Gang Documentary, Gang Videos and Gang Films - Find top Gang Documentaries and Videos Online, Anti Gang Training and Anti Gang Program for Gang Prevention and Enforcement, Taylor Gang Clothing - Find top Taylor Gang Shirts, Slim-fit, Cap, Trouser, etc, Gang Tattoos - Gang Tattoos and Gang Tattoo Removal Program, Gang History - History of Gangs in America. David smiled and said, “It happened as it should have.”, Hoover asked, “Why do you say that David?”. IG “Imperial” 2 heads two false ranks, Peter Paul controls Imperials now. Classic editor History Comments (3) Share. Pitchfork with tail on right buttocks of female means that she is a committed queen and no one but her G can have sex with her. This was the first form of the pitchfork. Then came the Yellow Brick Road Knowledge. Découvrez les offres spéciales de chaussures et baskets Différentes marques et modèles Livraison gratuite à partir de 29,99€ Folk definition is - people generally. 6 is Number symbolic to Folk Nation Crip Code knowledge. The latest Tweets from Kajiwotore (@FolkNation4Life). Larry Hoover, the chairman of the Gangster Disciple Nation, created the idea for the alliance and persuaded many leaders of large Black, White, and Latino gangs from Chicago to join.Soon after its formation, the People Nation was formed to counter the Folks alliance. Profitez aussi des promotions sur une sélection de restaurants ! The southside bumbs were to watch Gs and to look for people they have never seen before and when they spot an unknown young person they were to report it only to Solomon and to also listen for treachery in the Nation. BOSS . Code: 1383513785 - Copy it! Donald trumps alt account. The symbol of the gang is the six-pointed star of David, because David Barksdale was the original president. We ride under the 6 and walk under a 3 point crown; nothing else matters. But the real reason is if a G goes into a room or in a mall or on a street, they are going to stay to the right because they have been taught right over left so it keeps Gs on one side and enemies on the other. Personal tools Log in. Folk Nation A large gang which identifies with the 6 point star, the color blue, and pitchforks. These jobs are the moneymakers but officers mostly do them not soldiers. Numbers beginning with +974 6 are mobiles, but you are one digit short. You can easily copy the code or add it to your favorite list. Today, some 30,000 members have been reported on the street, however by the 1990's reports estimated that approximately 50,000 members were active in 35 states.In the 1960s, the GD were a dominant force and were the first street gang to appear in Memphis Tennessee in the 1980s. Terrorize because they terrorized your Queen. It is therefore possible for someone to be a member of a gang and a nation. Labels: Blood Alphabets, Crips Alphabets. Now these are the reasons for this, excluding what was said before: Queen Sheeba and Hoover both had panthers. They have poor relations with other Folk Nation Gangs. Members of the Folk Nation alliance have numerous codes, symbols, tattoos used to demonstrate their allegiance to the alliance. The story of the Folk Nation begins in 1974, with the death of David Barksdale, leader of the recently formed Gangster Disciples Nation.
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