These headphones have a deep resonance that spreads its wings in the mix. Of course if they … © The frequency response is very wide, coming in at 5Hz-50kHz, leaving a lot more room for detail reproduction. If you’re familiar with Beyerdynamic and its standard headphone design, the T1 won’t surprise you. The new T1 marks a new milestone in beyerdynamic's flagship model. The T1 offers a full mid-range spectrum, but the low-mids are definitely colored and boosted, which I thought added a passionate tonality to many contemporary tracks. Now in its third generation, we have raised the bar once again in both standards of sound and design. What Hi-Fi? Instrumental performances hold gravitas, as well as powerful vocals. They cost £849 / $1,049 / AU$1,999 and are a bit like a turbo-charged version of the popular Beyerdynamic DT880. He loves horror movies and emo music. This might have something to do with the warmer nature of this sound signature, as the high-end response is limited, and lacks that top ending definition that helps the spaciousness of some tracks. Visit our corporate site. Full review of Beyerdynamic's latest and third generation of the T1 and T5 headphones. Now come the third-gen designs, at which StereoNET … New York, Sign up below to get the latest from What Hi-Fi?, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! The Beyerdynamic T1 is a beautiful pair of headphones. The dual detachable cable is notable as well. Read our guide to the best over-ear headphones, Read our Beyerdynamic T5 (3rd Generation) review. Space takes on a more roomy tone, as instruments can be perceived in the space they occupy. So just note that when wearing these you will probably disturb someone sitting next to you, and furthermore you won’t be very isolated from the noise in your surroundings. While some consumers might be happy about this, others might say it’ll sacrifice some fidelity. It makes them a bit more forgiving of aggressive electronics and recordings. No sweaty ear fatigue or pressure was felt beside the initial adjustment they had to take. It’s lacking the sparkle that would have made it outstanding, but having experienced a Beyerdynamic for the first time, I cannot wrap my head around their reputation for being treble cannons. I’ve seen some controversy over the low resistance signal output the new T1 produces compared to the second generation. The technology of this line is still evolving, and while the third generation T1 feels and sounds great, it might not be the upgraded model you’re looking for. This is perhaps the perfect opportunity to point out that the T1 (3rd Gen)'s closed-back cousins, the T5 (3rd Generation), are worth considering if an open-back design isn't ideal for you. The pads themselves, which are replaceable, are made from velour and contain multi-layered fillings. I was excited when I received the brand new third-generation T1, as I get excited for any Beyerdynamic product to reach my desk, but I was specifically looking forward to how they work to evolve the Tesla technology introduced in this line. The lead has a 3.5mm jack on one end with a 6.3mm screw-on adaptor fitted. This is why I enjoy listening to demos when they become available, like the super deluxe edition of Abbey Road, which has this charming demo of Octopus’s Garden where Ringo and George Martin speak to each other on talkback for a bit before they begin. The circular ear cups bulge out showing off the open-back grills that integrate seamlessly in the overall aesthetic of the headphone. The Telsa driver is back for the third generation and this time they’ve tilted the drivers in order to preserve more spatial qualities to improve the soundstage. You get the T1 itself that comes in a protective hard case that also contains the 3m detachable cable. I must confess that I have a pretty high standard when it comes to Beyerdynamic. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, The T1 does a great job producing the ideal bass for an open-back. The old model had a 600ohm impedance, while this new one takes that down to 32ohms. While some consumers might be happy about this, others might say it’ll sacrifice some fidelity. It’s easily detachable, so if it ever does break or get damaged, swapping to a replacement will take a matter of seconds. Please refresh the page and try again. I enjoyed my time listening to the new T1, but I don’t feel like it’s a significant upgrade compared to the previous generation. The only other accessory you’ll get is a quarter-inch adapter, pretty simple. Exclusive First Review: Beyerdynamic T1 and T5 3rd-Gen Headphones Posted on 2nd September, 2020 Matthew Jens tries out the latest third generation of these iconic high-end headphones… There are small tonal discrepancies, too, the latest version sounding less bright and a little more rounded in the treble. This material can actually feel a little rough at first, but after a few seconds, they prove to be very cushiony. The 3rd generation update to their flagship T1 and T5 models shows that, more than ever, Beyerdynamic As a company that has been perfecting the art of making headphones since roughly the 1930s, the … Beyerdynamic T1 3rd Generation Review: Final Verdict beyerdynamic T1 High-end Tesla Headphones (3rd Generation) Buy on Amazon Beyerdynamic has refined the T series over the years, … High resolution files sounds perfect. This makes the T1 a lot easier to drive into a smart device or computer, with a clean signal being produced without cranking much gain. Added to this natural character is the full open-back design, made using a sophisticated etching process, which invites sounds into your space. Tesla technology is inside (It’s the “T” in “T1”), promising to deliver all the bells and whistles to the listener. The new third-generation open-back T1 headphones are said to deliver spatial sound that gets a gentle bass boost for a warmer sound experience. If you really pay attention you can just grasp them, but they won’t jump out at you in any significant way. They’re still admirably even-handed and balanced, though. Listening to music from Spotify sounds good too. There was a problem. These cans are wonderfully informative and able to track the multitude of musical strands in Massive Attack’s Paradise Circus with ease. MAJORHIFI may get a commission from retail offers. Thank you for signing up to What Hi-Fi?. Made from ultra-high purity OCC7N copper, and shielded in a nice fabric. First things first, let’s see what important items the T1 comes packed with. The latest Beyerdynamic T1 over-ears are a step up in performance and compatibility from their predecessor, and among the best headphones at this price. With the bonus of being priced $100 less than the previous generation, they also have a wildly minimal resistance comparatively. The mid-range is the T1… Find out how you can become a sponsor here.
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