Here you find tab, sheet music and my video tutorial.. Unleash I-IV-V chords and how they pertain to blues music. Woke up this mornin' feel 'round for my shoes. The Magic Of Drop D Tuning. To demonstrate the jazz walking style properly, the following figure shows you how to walk in a jazz blues progression. --3//5----| This means you play a somewhat stretched slide. As such, many lessons are the same way. You can walk through almost any jazz tune. The above TAB shows how Pattern 1 from the Blues Scales Bass Patterns section below can be used to play an F blues scale. Catfish Blues (another explicit roadhouse version) - see also: Rollin' Stone, Still A Fool or Two Trains Runnin' and their variations. (BTW: if you want to start with open tuning, this is a good song to start – you just have to tune both E-strings (to D) and the A-string (to G) down a full tone. Enjoy the songs, G7 G6 G+5 G5 D G, |-----0----0--------0------------------------------------------------------------------------|, |----------0-----0--0-----0------------------------------------------------------------------|, |-3-----3--2-----2--1-----1--0--------0-----0--------0--0--------------0---------------------|, |---------------------------------2/4-----------------------3/4--0---------------------------|, |-0--------0--------0-----------------0--------0--------0------------------------------------|, |-------------------0-----------------------------------0------------------------------------|, |-3-----3--2-----2--0--------------0--3-----3--2-----2--0--------------0---------------------|, |------------------------3/4-0-------------------------------3/4-0---------------------------|. That means using heavier strings (no “super slinky”…) and a high action (distance of the strings to the fretboard). Featured in Eric Clapton's Unplugged Album. #, #------------------------------------------------------------------------------#, Open G Tuning = D G D G B D low to high, The song is played with a slide while tapping the rithm with your feet, x x x x = taps with feet. Got up this mornin, my little Bernice was gone, Lord. This, This song apparently has its roots in the rhythyms of work songs that, were used continuously from slave times up through Reconstruction and, preserved on the prison workfarms. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal In part three of our walking bass series, we are looking at the final changes for the 12 bar blues. I woke up this mornin - feelin round for my shoes. If you have only one and play sometimes slide or want to switch between slide and nor… Delta blues pioneer Robert Johnson was a fan of open tunings and used Open G for his famous “Walking Blues.” Later, this tuning found its way into plenty of blues-rock songs through the likes of Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, and the Rolling Stones. Use your thumb for the bass notes and your other fingers to comp the chords. |-0-----0--0-----0--0-----------------0-----0--0-----0--x--------5-----5---------------------|, |-3-----3--2-----2--0--------0-----0--3-----3--2-----2--x--------5-----5---------------------|, The worse old feelin' I most ever had, ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~, |-x--------x-----0--x-----------------x-----------------x------------------------------------|, |-x-----5--x-----0--x--------5--------x--------5--------x------------------------------------|, |-------------------------3//5--------------3//5--------x-------------2/4--------------------|, |-------------------------------------------------------------3//5---------------------------|. Muddy Waters tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including hoochie coochie man, mannish boy, got my mojo working, i cant be satisfied, baby please dont go In this lesson, you will learn how to write and play a walking bass line over a 12-bar blues in F. Babe, I been mistreated - baby, and I don't mind dyin. Walkin' Blues by Eric Clapton text guitar tab. Walking Blues Guitar Tab by Eric Clapton learn how to play chords diagrams. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Walking Blues tab by Eric Clapton with chords drawings, easy version, 12 key variations and much more. But you know bout at I - got these old walkin blues. If you have an extra guitar only for slide, you can also try out the open tunings. I'm leavin' this mornin' I have ta go ride the blinds. View interactive tab… She got a - Eglin movement from her head down - to her toes. In this video, Robert Labell demonstrates and breaks down WALKING BLUES by Robert Johnson. Know bout at I got these - old walkin blues. But what I’ll be doing in this lesson is staying in standard tuning throughout. Johnson started many of his songs in this way: through bars 1 and 2, the high E tonic note is used as a pedal tone while other notes descend the D string. The chords are simple, mainly G – D/F# – Em7 – C – G. The tab I noted here is as always in standard tuning. Nehemiah Curtis "Skip" James .pdf format: Catfish Blues (tab of a Jimi Hendrix version) Nehemiah Curtis "Skip" James .pdf format Woo-Lord, I don't mind dyin', G7 G6 G+5 G5 D G, |----------------------------------------------------0--0-----0------------------------------|, |-0-----0--0-----0--0-----0--0-----------------------0--0-----0------------------------------|, |-0-----0--0-----0--0-----0--0--------------------------0------------------------------------|, |-3-----3--2-----2--1-----1--0--------0-----0-----------0------------------------------------|, |---------------------------------2/4--------------------------------------------------------|, |-10/12-12-12-11/12-12-12-11/12-12-12-11/12-12-12---------------------------------------0----|, |-10/12-------11/12-------11/12-------11/12-------11/12---11/12-11/12---11/12--------0--0----|, |-------------------------------------------------11/12-----------------------12-----0-------|, |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------12-----0-------|, |-10/12-------11/12-------11/12-------11/12-------11/12----11/12----11/12---------12-12---11-|, |-10----------------5------------------------------------------------------------------------|, |-10-------0--------5------------------------------------------------------------------------|, |----------0-----3//5------------------------------------------------------------------------|, ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~, |----------------------------2/3-0-----------------------------------------------------------|, |-4/5--4/5-4/5--4/5-4/5\3-0--2/3-0-------0-------2/4-0--3/5\3-0-2/3-0-2/3--------------------|, |-4/5--4/5-4/5--4/5-4/5\3-0--------0-------------2/4------------2/3-0-2/3--------------------|, |-0----3/5-5-----5--5-----0----2/4-0--5/7--------2/4-0--5/7\5----------0---------------------|, |-------------------------------------------0--0--0-----0-----0--0-----0---------------------|, |-------------------------------------------0--0--------0-----0--0-----0---------------------|, |-3/5------------0--5\3-----2/3-0-2/3-0-----0--3-----3--2--------1---------------------------|, |----------0-2/4----------0-2/3-0-2/3-0------------------------------------------------------|, |-3-----3--2-----2--0--------0-----0--3-----3--2-----2--0--------0-----0---------------------|. Well, some people tell me that the worried - blues aint bad. Leavin this mornin-ah - if I have to ride a blind. All other strings can be left in standard tuning.) You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. Bass Lessons - Basic 12 Bar Blues In A - The Walking Bass Bass Tab ——— ——— ——— BLUES ——— ——— ——— Basic 12 Bar Blues in A — the Walking Bass by: Chunky C This just so happens to be done in the key of A but you can play this in any key … fresh tabs top tabs lessons submit videos . The notes in an E blues scale are as follows: E, G, A, B flat, B, D. F Blues Scale Bass TAB. This lick is titled “Microtonal Expressions” because throughout the lick the slide is moved in very small increments (less than a half step) in order to provide more of a vocal-type feel and musicality to the sound of the notes. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#, #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #, #song. Seasick Steve tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including walkin man, dog house boogie, burnin up, hobo low, last po man E Blues Scale Bass TAB – Open Position. Learn to play guitar by chord / tabs using chord diagrams, transpose the key, watch video lessons and much more. Guitar teacher & blues specialist Jim Bruce takes a look at the open G tuning, covering its history, use, technique, & a handful of examples. I don't mind dyin' this a mornin', C G, ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~, |-x-----------------x-----------------x-----------------5------------------------------------|, |-x-----------------x-----------------x--------5--------5------------------------------------|, |-x-----------------x-----------------x--------5--------5-----0------------------------------|, |-x-----3//5--------x-----3//5--------x-----3//5-----------------0----2/4--------------------|, ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~, |-----------------------------------------------------------------7--------------------------|, |-------------------------------------------------------------0---7--------------------------|, |-0----3/5----------------------------0----3/5-------0--------0-5/7--------------------------|, |----------------0-----------0----2/4-------------------0-2/4--------------------------------|, |-----------------------------------------------------------------------0--------------------|, |-------------------0-----------------5--------5--------5\0------0------0--------------------|, |-------------------0--------5--------5--------5--------5\0------0---------------------------|, |-------------------------3//5-----------------5--------------0------------------------------|, I been mistreat ed. In this lesson I’m providing you with a simple walking bass line through a […] Through these tabs you'll improve your technique by learning many beautiful blues compositions.. Download the tab & notation for this beginner slide blues lesson.. Walking Blues Tab Highlighted Show chords diagrams ... Johnson ----- Robert Johnson recorded this tune in the key of B, with his guitar tuned up to A-tuning (E-A-E-A-C#-E) and A capo on the second fret. G7 G6 G G7 G6 G C, ~~~ ~~~~, |-0-----0--0-----0--0-----------------0-----0--0-----0--0--------------5---------------------|, |-3--------2--------0--------0-----0--3--------2--------0--------5-----5---------------------|, |------------------------3/4-0--------------------------------3//5---------------------------|. G D, ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~, |----------------------------0-----------------------0------------7--------------------------|, |-0----3/5-------0-----------0--------0----3/5----------0-----0---7--------------------------|, |-------------------0-------------2/4-------------------0-2/4-0-5/7--------------------------|, |------------------------3/5-----------------------------------------------------------------|, D C G, |-------------------0-----------------5--------5--------5\0------------0---------------------|, |-------------------0--------5--------5--------5--------5\0---0------------------------------|, |-------------------------3//5-----------------5-----------------0---------------------------|. Woke up this mornin' I feel 'round for my shoes. You can use both acoustic and electric guitars, as long as they don’t have nylon strings. Drop D tuning is a popular alternate tuning that has been used by a variety of musicians over the years. Little Boy Blue This great bottleneck blues song is in open-G tuning. The difficulty of the songs increase from top to bottom. Bass Lessons - Beginners Guide To Walking Bass Lines Bass Tab Standard string tuning (G,D,A,E) recommended 1. Woke -. This page contains a collection of the finest acoustic fingerstyle blues guitar songs I have selected and played. Lord, she break in on a dollar - most anywhere she goes. This preserves the intervals between the strings, and thus all chord shapes and scales work the same, except they sound lower. Lord, I - feel like blowin my - woh-old lonesome home. The modes for each chord are clearly marked, and the leading tones are the last note in each sequence (follow the arrows). Its the worst old feelin I most - ever had. The difficulty in walking bass on the guitar lies in the combination of playing chords and bass at the same time. worse old feelin' Woo-Lord, the most I ever had. |-0--------0--------0-----------------0--------0--------x------------------------------------|, |-------------------0--------------------------0--------x------------------------------------|, |-3----3---2-----2--0--------------0--3-----3--2-----2--x------------------------------------|, |------------------------3/4-0--------------------------x-----3//5---------------------------|. Learn standard 12-bar blues! Up this mornin - feelin round all for my shoes. If you want to play much slide guitar, prepare a guitar just for this job. Walking Blues tab. G D, ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~, |---------------------------------------------------------------12---------------------------|, |-0----3/5-------0--------------------0----3/5-------0-------10/12---------------------------|, |-------------------0--------0----2/4-------------------0----10/12---------------------------|, |----------------0---------------------------------------------------------------------------|, |----------------0--0------------------------------------------------------------------------|, |-------------------0--------5--------5--------5--------5--------------0---------------------|, |-------------------0-----3//5--------5--------5--------5----2/4-0---------------------------|. Please explain why did you choose such low rating for this tab. Well, I got up this mornin - woh-all I had was gone. A lot of acoustic blues are in open tunings. The intro is a turnaround, normally found in the last two bars of a 12-bar blues progression. Tuning: E A D G B E. Author Unregistered. ----------| at the time you reach position 5 you play the other notes on top of it, ~~~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~, |-10/12-12-12-11/12-12-12-11/12-12-12-11/12-12-12-----------------------------------------0--|, |-10/12-------------------11/12-------11/12-------11/12---11/12-11/12---11/12--------x-------|, |-------------------------------------------------11/12---11/12---------------12-----x-------|, |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------12-----x-------|, |--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|, x x x x x x x x, ~~~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~, ~~ F#, |-10/12-12-12-11/12-12-12-11/12-12-12-11/12-12-12-------12-------12--------------------------|, |-10/12-------------------------------------------11/12----11/12----11/12---------12-12---11-|, |-------------------------------------------------------------------------12-12---12-12---11-|, |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------12-12---11-|, x x x x x x x x, |----------x---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|, |-10-------x---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|, |-10-------x--------5------------------------------------------------------------------------|, |----------------3//5--------------------------------0---------------------------------------|, x x x x x x, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~, |-5--------5--------5/3----0/3---------------------------------------------------------------|, |-5-----5--5-----5--5/3----0/3--0-----0------------------------------------------------------|, |-5-----5--5-----5--5/3----0/3--0-----0-----0--------0--3/5\3-0-2/3-0-2/3--------------------|, |-------5--------5-----------------0-------------2/4----------0-2/3-0-2/3--------------------|, x x x x x x x x, ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~, |-0----3/5-5-----5--5-----0--------0--5/7------------0--5/7\5----------0---------------------|, |-0--------------------------0-2/4-------------0-2/4-------------0-2/4-----------------------|, C G G7 G6 G+5, |-------------------------------------------0--0-----0--0-----0--0-----0---------------------|, |-3/5------------0--5\3---------0-----0--------3--------2--------1-----1---------------------|, |-3/5------0-2/4----5\3---0-2/3-0-2/3-0------------------------------------------------------|, |-0------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|, |-0--------0-----0--------0--0--------0-----0------------------------------------------------|, |------2/4------------------------3/4-0------------------------------------------------------|, G7 G6 G G7 G6 G, |-0-----0--0-----0--0-----------------0-----0--0-----0--0------------------------------------|, |-3--------2--------0--------0-----0--3--------2--------0--------0---------------------------|, |------------------------3/4-0-------------------------------3/4-0-----0---------------------|. C G, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~ ~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~, |-5-----5--5-----5--0--------------5--0-----------------5------------------------------------|, |-5-----5--5-----5--0--------5-----5--0-----------------5--0---------------------------------|, |-------------------------3//5--------------3//5-----3//5-----0-------2/4--------------------|. The last song was performed in standard tuning with a capo at the second fret. Nobody Knows You When Youre Down And Out tab, #----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#, #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #, #song. As Rolling Stone magazine once put it. Open G Tuning Songs - Open G Blues Guitar Tuning The video above opens with an old clip of me playing Crossroads by Robert Johnson on an old Johnny Joyce model Aria, and at 1:22 I start to explore the open G guitar tuning from a beginner’s point of view.. It’s a simpler tuning than open D, and it’s perfect for playing with a bottleneck or slide. # #-----# Date: 13.01.2005 Tabbed by Peter Tuyp ( Subject: Eric Clapton - Walkin' Blues (unplugged) Open G Tuning = D G D G B D low to high Nothing too difficult, just make sure you are stamping your foot two times per second and that you are counting from 1 to 4 in time with your foot beat. # #-----## From: (Stuart Christopherson) Subject: TAB: "Walking Blues" by Robert Johnson-----Walking Blues by Robert Johnson-----Robert Johnson recorded this tune in the key of B, with his guitar tuned up to A-tuning (E-A … Well-ah - leave this mornin if I have to - woh, ride the blind-ah. The notes in an F blues scale are as follows: F, A flat, B flat, C flat, C, E flat. How to get from Standard Tuning to Vestapol Tuning ‘Vestapol’ Tuning is a generic name for all open tunings that emerge from tuning the guitar as if you were fretting an E major chord: The A string and the D string are tuned two semitones higher and the g string is tuned one semitone higher. show chords YouTube Clip hide all tabs go to top. Walkin Blues tab by Robert Johnson. In Lesson 2, we continued to build patterns for the common chord progressions we see in blues.So far we have patterns for each chord change in the 12-Bar Blues except for one, moving from V to IV (i.e.
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