These work great because the shades of color go well with any water, whether clear or cloudy. The only way to imitate a school of small baitfish is to deploy an umbrella rig. Typically they are set up at the back of the boat so that the bait lags behind as you troll along the lake or ocean. It mainly depends on what type of boat you are onboard, whether it featured a diesel or gas engine. It will cost you around 10 – 14 dollars to buy without shipping costs. These trolling lures are phenomenal as they have enough weight to get down to attract trophy sized striped bass. How To Fish: Traditionally fished on monel wireline using 8-9′ moderate action e-glass rods. Ten minutes of forearm-sapping battle later the 11-pound hybrid striped bass – also known as wipers or just plain hybrids – finally relented and headed toward the net. Some of the best striped bass lures are made of soft plastic. The rubber shad and the sand eel are most popular. We suggest tying the leader directly to the front of the lure. Ans: The ideal trolling distance that you should keep from the boat backside is 20 to 150 feet. The 25 Best Striper Surf Lures of All Time. All Rights Reserved. Be sure to follow! Bunker Spoon – Spoon fishing is great for striped bass trolling, and you’ll want to use a trolling reel called the Shimano Tekota 600 or 800 for this. As striped bass have silvery bodies, it is practical to catch the fish early morning or late by twilight when the daylight is low. Top: Slug-Go Middle: Pencil Worm Bottom: Fin-S Fish. Fish striped bass by locating schools of alewives, gizzard shad, and American eels and run your bait right through the middle of those bait schools. Here’s the Four Best Striped Bass Trolling Lures proven over years on the water! There are many minnow imitation lures out there, so the lures that are mentioned in this section are just personal preference. Most of the clips from different brands get bent or broken while hunting stripers. A proper choice of striped bass lure can improvise the techniques & quantities of fishing stripers. It is not only an effective lure for stable water but also for fishing during stormy weather. Mojos are one of the four best striped bass trolling lures. It is one of the best lures usable for baiting while the stripers search for food on shad. 2 Tip the tube's hook with a live sandworm or herring strip. All our lures feature something that will glow in the dark, whether it is the lure head itself or just the mouth. This is a classic lure that works to catch bass, crappie, pickerel, striped bass, and hybrid striped bass. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This allows for a much lighter rod. Umbrella Rig – The umbrella rig is my favorite trolling strategy for stripers, and it … Some of our top choices include… Bomber CD30, Nomad DTX 165 & 200, Mann’s Stretch Plugs. link to Best Battery For Humminbird Helix 7– What To Look For The Top Picks? You can get these popper lures by spending 6-16 dollars, excluding shipping costs. Let us go through the features & reviews of the five best trolling lures for striped bass that we are willing to recommend for the best catch. Take out all your large trolling tube lures and spoons, constantly test them by changing them until you find what the bass want. Some lures have realistic patterns to look like an actual baitfish. Pick a dark color for clear water or day time, light color for murky situations, or dusk. The research found that these two colors are better to hit a striped bass visual range. If you do research, you may find a vast amount of lures suitable for striped bass fishing. So, it is better to choose in-between. 6 inches is an ideal body length to assure a big catch. Trolling, jigging, and casting will catch both hybrid stripers and freshwater striped bass. These days, reviewing all kinds of outdoor products as well as giving necessary information about all outdoor activities. These spread arms upgrade its swimming capacity. Not just this, it also has 3D eyes feature to fool the stripers to think as real bait. Mojo Lures are strong hooked heavy lead heads wrapped with synthetic hair to dress and pulse in the water. Quality deep diving plugs swim true and can be trolled in just about any condition and at any speed.
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