The menu system was very logical, the controls all where you’d expect them to be. Great sharing Doug, love it. At lower ISOs, the raw files are a delight. But it just feels too awkward now, I’m so used to screens. I have some old pentax lenses at home that might work well with it. I bought and fitted a magnified viewfinder eyepiece and split microprism screen to aid with the manual focusing with old M42 lenses, and it really was a joyful experience for a while, amidst a summer of warm, blossoming colour all around. Since Pentax K10D … You are right in all you say and for me, whilst is heavy, I love using if and love the results. I finally replaced it with a Pentax K-5II years later. Colours especially. Second, although it has as good a viewfinder (VF) as I’ve used or seen in a DSLR, my eyes still tired quickly focusing manual lenses. It also includes built-in Wi-Fi, so you transferring images without manual wire hookup is a breeze. PENTAX wishes to announce the release of Firmware Update Software Version 1.20 for K10D. Posts: 254. Adding a Helios 44-2 and Carl Zeiss Flektogon 35/2.4 into the M42 equation meant there was no need for me to ever look at another system again. : ). Pentax K10D SD Card Compatibility. A more modern DSLR with live view but not one of the lovely old CCD sensors doesn’t really appeal either at this point. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. You can see other posts in The Lost Lovers series here. Because I’ve bought a few digital cameras in the last few years I’ve inherited some that way too. Also use the Plastic Fantastic, and, without the drive attached makes it a good street camera. Correspond to PENTAX … This was my first digital camera, so all the lenses I got are auto. I tend to shoot mine between ISO 100 - 400 most of the time, though I'll step up to 800 when necessary. Thank you for the inspiration. Amazing viewfinder and the Minolta Rokkor lenses are magnificent. ( Log Out /  Whilst it was heavy, the weight felt reassuring and made it a very stable camera to use, even in lower light. Like most Pentax DSLRs, images from the K10D do appear slightly soft straight out of the camera, but respond well to a light application of unsharp mask, bringing out plenty of sharp detail. Just curious as to how many of you still use the Pentax is still a fine camera! Nikon D810 Review Series Part I  November 2020, Carl Garrard First, a bit of clarity. And my eyes feel the strain after a while with a VF, even a great on like on the K10D/GX-1S (it the same set up). Awesome Inc. theme. It’s an amazing performer, that wasn’t the issue. The K10D had the largest viewfinder among cropped-sensor DSLRs and the K20D keeps the same size which is still the largest. It was my first DSLR camera. ( Log Out /  It certainly delivered lovely colours straight out of camera like the Pentaxes. I need to try them on the K10D more than I have recently and get back to more basic photography. K10D and SMC Pentax … Firmware in this document is the software that runs inside digital cameras. Shooting with say -0.3 exposure compensation wide open might be fine, but then a couple of stops down I’d need -1 or -1.3. The CCD sensors in the earlier Pentax DLSRs like the 6MP *ist series and K100D, and the 10MP K-m and K10D are all Sony made I believe. Announced on September 14th 2006, just in time for Photokina 2006 the new K10D is Pentax's first foray into the serious-amateur digital SLR market. Bridge Of Surprise? RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. wishes to announce the release of Firmware Update Software Version 1.53 for PENTAX K-1. This leaves "breathing room" for controls and for hand placement. Duh!! Didn't care about video or the live view. A thoroughly excellent camera, even before you add that wonderful 10MP CCD sensor that delivered delicious colours when shooting RAW and simply importing into LightRoom with its auto adjustment. I too was thinking about another K10D, but am leaning towards the Pentax K5iis. I'd say you felt compelled because the camera is simpler, back to basics, and you have less distractions in your hand? February 2019, Carl Garrard For fans of the K10D like myself, the appeal behind the Pentax K10D is undoubtedly it's simplicity compared to most modern DSLR and mirrorless camera features. I also have the Pentax K-r and the Optio Z10. Pentax K10D Overview. Those Leica cameras use the Kodak sensor though, which has much different colors (like their film) than the Nikon or Pentax sensors. And cumbersome. I have one K10D and several Samsung GX-10 (re-badged K10D). I often still think I’d like another K10D, which is one reason I wrote this post, to remind me about the reasons I wasn’t using it. ;). With its kit lens (AF) it’s not a bad performer. Pentax K-5: 46: 11-01-2010 09:20 AM: Suggestion Add Previous/Next Thread links at the top of each thread: indytax: Site Suggestions and Help: 3: 03-17-2009 05:40 PM: Iceemn360's K10d Photo Thread: Timtast1c: Post Your Photos! Pentax K200D and Pentax K10D have the same Pentax KAF2 lens mount and currently there are 151 native lenses available for these cameras. Aside from a frustrating experience with a Pentax K-x a few years previously, this was my first DSLR, which I bought early 2017. After exploring its siblings I came across the Samsung GX-1S which was a rebranded clone of Pentax’s own *ist DS2, essentially a baby K10D with slightly simplified controls and a “mere” 6MP CCD sensor. I agree that the CCD sensor gives more pleasurable tones. … me, the tonality of the CCD is very much apparent. The LCD is centered exactly to the viewfinder, and isn't taking up tons of room on the back. I am still puzzled over what geared me towards buying the K10D a couple of years ago but boy am I glad I did. Progress report on PENTAX’s new APS-C-format digital SLR flagship camera Oct. 27, 2020 Ricoh Announces GR III Street Edition Camera Oct. 22, 2020 New Theta Plug In Released Sep. 09, 2020 Even with a 35/2.4 Pentax-DA AF lens which weighed next to nothing, it couldn’t hide the K10D’s heft. The K20D was available in the U.S. market from February 2008 through autumn 2009. Pictures have a film-like quality and great colours. Please share this post with others you feel will enjoy it too. Senior Member ... Senior Member. Thank you for using a PENTAX K-1 digital camera. It makes pretty darn good black and whites with that CCD sensor. Mine was a Minolta X-700 and a 35mm which was a gift from my Mom and 400 mm. ( Log Out /  February 2019, Carl Garrard. 50: 01-10-2009 02:43 PM: Mandatory thread from new K10D owner :) Edvinas: Pentax … If you can work within the limitations, the K10D / GX-10 is an awesome camera indeed. But I could never quite bond with it like I have done with some Pentax and Contax SLRs…. Still – plenty of storage to match that battery that gets you over 1,000 shots , Yeh, and from what I remember of the mighty K10D, after even a 100 shots you need a day off for your muscles to recover, let alone 1000! I just loved it. It's funny how older cameras give you that long term satisfaction of use that newer more capable cameras don't. Another important factor is the availability of image stabilization. This varied with different lenses too. Since I’ve really got into more compact cameras I have barely used the GX-1S though and it was for sale for a while. I still use the D10D as my workhorse camera. I found CF cards on eBay readily and cheaply enough. The Pentax K10D and similar Samsung GX-10 are 10.2 megapixel digital single-lens reflex cameras launched in late 2006. My previous film cameras where Nikon F3HP and FM, with manual lenses. I hadn't used it for a while because when I shoot Pentax I use my K5. Changes to V1.53. My monthly photography outing with my "Old Farts" mates this month was to the suburb of Balmain - a very old suburb of Sydney which is just across the harbour from the CBD. Easy on the eyes is easy on the mind. Man I like it's color. Changes to V1.20 1. Please read this manual before using the camera in order to get the most out of all the features and functions. For fans of the K10D like myself, the appeal behind the Pentax K10D is undoubtedly it's simplicity compared to most modern DSLR and mirrorless camera features. For a camera introduced in 2006, the K10D was really well designed and holds up well today. Worth … It’s much smaller and lighter than the K10D. Thanks again and kind regds - Mike. On January 23, 2008, Pentax announced the K20D and K200D, which replaced the K10D … Sold it back in early 2000’s thinking film was dead. Important! The Pentax K-S2 provides a 4K resolution for interval movie capture and 1080p HD video. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I had mine out yesterday. Same on the rear of the camera for the thumb of left hand (see below). I’m keeping mine. SDUC or SDXC memory cards cannot be used with the K10D… I still have the smaller Samsung which I plan to use later in the year and see how I feel about it. It's got the tools you need. Does just fine. What you said about using manual lenses is interesting and I can understand the frustration. The K10D. Simple. EQUIPMENT REVIEWS, NEWS ARTICLES, AND PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPERIENCES, Hey Nice Blog!!! Thanks for looking. Pentax K10D 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with Shake Reduction (Body Only) 4.2 out of 5 stars 150. Once I got the knack, it was perfectly usable, but the exposures often needed a second or third attempt to get right. Third, with manual lenses, the metering was manual. Pentax K10D (centre) with its ancestor the Spotmatic F, and little sibling the Samsung GX-1S. I find 1600 too grainy and susceptible to banding, but that's a personal taste thing. They're my favourite cameras by far, despite owning much more recent and technically more capable kit. Hunting for beauty and balance, camera in hand. I’ve been using a 16GB card with my K10D since I got it some 3 years ago. Only use SD and SDHC memory cards with the Pentax K10D. 8 offers from $249.99. Hand held, the image stabilization and good hand holding technique help. ISO 1600, filmish look no? I have kept the smaller Samsung GX1S, and plan to explore it again at some point. I have a K10D too. Pentax SLRs are beloved by many for their all-weather designs. Optimized performance when attaching new lens HD PENTAX … Change ). Thanks for the great article... your thoughts largely mirror my own. The picture I took in the store were horrible as it was not very light and I never had a chance to figure it out but it sure felt right. Don't know, don't ask, the moon just looked cool in blue outline through the trees, Good enough dynamic range, even at higher ISO values like this one, at ISO 1600. Pentax … I guess this is all true, I never really checked. I can narrow the decline in favour the K10D suffered to three aspects. I've been using manual focus Takumars, SMC-M's and a 14mm Rokinon lens on the K-5II. K10D also has a sensor based image stabilization system which means that all of these lenses will be stabilized when used on K10D. Pentax K10D vs Panasonic model. Got it in 2008. This might inspire me to buy a K-10D body I just found with 5000 shutter cycles and price is $130. I still have them, but no longer use them. It's bigger, tougher and more feature rich than any Pentax … Note the right side of the camera (the camera's left), you can see the indentation in the body for the left hand fingers to hold. 73. Join Date: Dec 2019. I used them as a photographer for a public figure, so they have some important history. Location: Riga. There’s no denying this camera is heavy. ISO 1600 Hand held at night. I think if it had a live view screen I might try it more extensively again – ironic as one reason I got the K10D (and then the GX-1S) was to have the viewfinder experience with manual lenses, as with old 35mm film SLRs. difference between the photographs made with the smaller Samsung and the K10D. 7 offers from $109.99. Although the title of this review implies that I may ... All content is Copyright of Carl Garrard and Photographic Central. I don't know much about it yet, but I threw a kit lens on it at the store and it just had a great feel to it somehow. If you’re interested, this is what I’m into right now. :). The Pentax K20D and its clone, the Samsung GX-20, are 14.6 megapixel digital single-lens reflex cameras manufactured by Pentax that were announced on January 23, 2008. Yes it does feel a bit like a film camera, in that the viewfinder is used for everything. PENTAX PRINCIPLES PENTAX is committed to SLR photography's future through the continued development of camera technology, making it more fun and exciting than ever before for all PENTAX … color and the transitions between highlights and shadows. I liked these two so much I also bought a back up, again the Samsung branded GX10, and again a clone, of the K10D this time. Should I Just Throw Those Old Film Negatives Away. I have bought also a K5iis for better low light performance but Pentax has dropped the Image Comparison feature. Both Pentax K200D and Pentax K10D … Announced Sep 13, 2006 • 10 megapixels ... from A big year - birds 2019: Elegant by chrisby from World toilet day: Liberty State Park Dock, Post 'Sandy' by Bob Tullis from -Broken- (in … Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Check to ensure that your camera has the most recent firmware. Ooh I had an X-700. Mainly, it's in the Compare Pentax K10D vs Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II. This time around, the Pentax K10D, their flagship DSLR from 2006. Carrying this around for even an hour or two started to become a chore. The Pentax … Considering that the average weight of DSLR type cameras is 774g, its weight is about … I plan to look back at why I loved them (“Romantic Reverie”) and then why I ultimately sold or donated them (“In The Harsh Light”). The other lack of progress comes from the K10D’s viewfinder. That might be the limit though. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. 1-16 of 147 results for "pentax k10d" Pentax K10D 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with Shake Reduction (Body Only) 4.2 out of 5 stars 150. More Buying Choices $119.99 (10 used offers) Pentax DA 50mm f1.8 lens for Pentax … We've highlighted some of the best lenses we've reviewed available for K-mount … Newer cameras wow you with speed, resolution, dynamic range, etc... in a way older cameras can't, but at the end of the day I really prefer to feel like I've earned something. Romantic Reverie. It's solid as a tank, and does great landscapes and portraits so far. Worth … The Pentax K100D and similar Pentax K110D are 6 megapixel digital single-lens reflex cameras, launched in the U.S. on May 22, 2006.The K100D has a maximum resolution of 3008 x 2008, and can also down … I am playing with the settings and trying some old glass.....glad I went for it. Thank you for sharing information. Just a guess! Thanks Carl, excellent article. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Nothing special in low light, but in every other situation it is simply wonderful. They were developed in a collaboration between Pentax of Japan and Samsung of South Korea.. Press release: Thank you for using a PENTAX K10D digital camera. You are welcome, glad you liked the article! Pentax K10D Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX80 66. Kastar Battery (2X) for Pentax D-Li50 Konica Minolta NP-400 Samsung SLB-1647 Sigma BP-21 and Pentax K10 K10D K20 K20D Minolta A-5 A-7 Dimage A1 A2 Dynax 5D 7D Maxxum 5D 7D Samsung GX … The handling was near perfect from the outset, and wrapping your fingers around that soft rubber grip was like placing your hands on the curved hip of a beloved partner you’d shared a bed with for decades. I miss my D60 (first DSLR) and now that I have turned Pentaxian I would like to try a K10D. So, after I increasingly fell for cameras like the Ricoh GR Digital III and Pentax’s own tiny little Q, both of which delivered near DSLR quality in cameras a third or quarter of the weight and size, the K10D and its GX10 clone gathered dust, then were sold to new owners to appreciate them more. Pentax DA 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL II Lens for Pentax and Samsung Digital SLR Cameras 3.7 out of 5 stars 30 More Buying Choices $65.00 (7 used offers) Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Compare Pentax K10D vs Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX80. Powered by,,, Pentax K-50 16MP Digital SLR Camera with 3-Inch LCD - Body Only (Black) 4.2 out of 5 stars 421. I am currently shooting with a K5 besides my beloved Sony A700. 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