After the two bands had been sharing ideas, Bass Drum of Death's frontman John Barrett co-wrote "Lights Out", with Kerr crediting him as "a big part of that tune coming together". 3y over 3 years ago. Custom bass fuzz effects for Mike Kerr of Royal Blood. The pair are from West Sussex: Kerr grew up in Worthing, while Thatcher is from Rustington. Royal Blood wrote "Lights Out" whilst on tour in the United States with support act Bass Drum of Death, who Mike Kerr described as "really good friends of ours". This adds traction to his punch-through sound and resonates the bass with Mike Kerr’s voice (especially in high note territory). Oct 15, … One for his A-rig, one for his B-rig. Gary Davis- arranged by Mike T Kerr. A Florida near-native and graduate of FAU Honors College, he has mentored musicians in the south Florida region since the year 2000. Guitar AND bass strings on a bass (Royal Blood) I was recently watching one of Royal Blood's live shows and I noticed on their song, 'One Trick Pony' that the bass Mike Kerr is using (a Gretsch short scale) has two bass strings and two, of what seem to be, guitar strings that he plays with a slide. Like another favourite of mine, Wet Nuns, Royal Blood are a two-piece and bassist Mike Kerr uses effects pedals to create an absolutely crushing wall of sound. Mike plays lead guitar for the Bryce Allyn Band, where he gets to perfect his looping and percussive guitar techniques. The Brighton-based band consist of just two mainstay instruments: a drum kit and a short-scale bass, making them truly unique in both pop and rock circles. Musically Royal Blood float in that area of two member bands like The White Stripes and The Black Keys but arguably more heavier given that the Bass is the lead instrument as the others are guitar driven. Royal Blood’s disproportionately gigantic sound—conjured by nothing more than frontman Mike Kerr’s modulated bass and Ben Thatcher’s pulverising drums—gets an arresting platform on this lean debut. Pyrat. Look out for it on the 2015 tour! When that band like Royal Blood consist of two members, Mike Kerr: bass & vocals Ben Thatcher: drums, I'm even more intrigued!! The lineup: Mike Kerr (vocals, bass), Ben Thatcher (drums). Improve your playing via easy step-by-step video lessons! Mike Kerr on bass and Ben Thatcher on drums. Discography. ISBN: 978-1-4950-4758-9 Number of Pages: 50. Aug 30 , 2015 #1. The upper horn seems shorter and less pointy than a normal Jaguar bass Oct 15, 2017 #10. He is also an accomplished solo performer, with experience playing in multiple genres, including jazz, bluegrass, and funk. Two piece rock band (consisting of members Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher) with only bass and drums, formed in Brighton UK. Royal Blood bassist and vocalist Mike Kerr owns a Manson Custom bass made to his specific requirements. Photograph: ... they play bluesy hard rock, Kerr’s bass configured through pedals and amps to sound more like … 1. The notes are excellent though. Figure It Out (Bass + Drums) Bass Tab by Royal Blood with free online tab player. Royal Blood Live at First Niagara Pavilion, August 2015 with Mike Kerr on Bass and Ben Thatcher on Drums Royal Blood’s Top 3 Albums: Visit online at Photos: Nicole Callis, Columbus Shutterbug But it was when Kerr … Royal Blood are an English rock duo formed in Brighton in 2011, consisting of Mike Kerr (vocals, bass guitar) and Ben Thatcher (drums). The 25 year old bass prodigy is pretty good with his unique bass riffs and awesome bass tones. Kerr’s use of the Triage pedal helps distinguish his sounds in particular areas of Royal Blood’s music. The pair had known each other since their teenage years and had been playing in various bands together and independently, with Kerr previously serving as a member of British rock band Hunting the Minotaur. As mentioned above, Kerr’s use of guitar and bass amps draws an obvious idea for a particular pedal choice. I dont think it's fair qualifying this as incorrect. Click HERE for more info "CWMa00/A and /B" Custom Pedalboard Switchers. In general this is a great album overall. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal All songs written by Mike T. Kerr except Track 2 (Big Bill Broonzy) & Track 6 (Charlie Parker) Track 9 features the licks and melodies of Blind Blake, Victoria Spivey, and Rev. Benko ... (custom) Jazzmaster shape than a Jaguar? One of the key ingredients to that sound is the massive bass tone delivered by Mike Kerr. There is no Fender custom Mike Kerr edition as of now. Can't play "I Only Lie When I Love You"? But for what they do it is really spectacular. Look out for it on the 2015 tour! Anna Wedlock: violin on Track 2, 6 Stephen MacNeil: bass on Track 6. Royal Blood consists of lead vocalist and bass guitarist Mike Kerr (born 19 June 1990) and drummer Ben Thatcher (born 12 February 1988). 1. aldo_felipe_rojas_molano | 413. Whatever it is it SOUNDS amazing....saw them open for QotSA last night....WOW. Royal Blood is the eponymous debut studio album by British rock duo Royal Blood. Royal Blood was formed in 2013 by bassist and lead vocalist Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher. But the Brighton duo have got more in their artillery than the black-skied, heavy rock of, say, “Little Monster”. The bassist, who also handles vocals, sees their small band size as a reason for getting creative. More Artists » Mike KERR (Bass) - Overdriven Guitar Track difficulty (Rhythm) Royal Blood are an English rock duo formed in Brighton in 2011, consisting of Mike Kerr (vocals, electric bass) and Ben Thatcher ().Their sound is anchored in Kerr's unique bass playing technique, in which he uses various effects pedals to make his electric bass sound like a standard electric guitar. Royal Blood duo Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher are true rock crusaders in a time of electronic pop music, regularly breaking into the charts with a sumptuous blend of catchy hooks, big breakdowns and soaring melodies. Given that the group consists of only Mike Kerr on bass and vocals and Ben Thatcher on drums, they could play just about anywhere they want for as long as they like without going broke. Since the initiation of the band in 2013, they have been gathering accolades from all corners and the duo of Royal Blood are making it big in the UK rock scene. I bought the Vinyl version of this album and the songs are masterfully pressed. Royal Blood. An essential part of this is Mike's custom Cog Effects fuzz pedals, CRB005 and CRB006. Today, Royal Blood carry the torch for this generation’s mainstream rock anthems, and Kerr’s signature sound can’t help … They all sound spot on, not a lot of popping or noise or anything. Their self-titled debut album was released in August 2014. Jul 20, 2012 Minnesota deep and dark. Palmer Triage Amp selector. Each song is transcribed for bass guitar and vocals and the music is presented in TAB with rhythmic notation, allowing the reader to study and learn Mike Kerr’s inspiring bass parts. Royal Blood are an English rock duo formed in Brighton in 2011, consisting of Mike Kerr (vocals, bass guitar) and Ben Thatcher (drums). Mike Kerr - lead vocals, bass guitar: Ben Thatcher - drums: Royal Blood are a British rock duo formed in Worthing in 2013. Bassist and singer Mike Kerr (23) and drummer Ben Thatcher (25) have known each other since they were teenagers and have played together in a various different bands. These pedals were commissioned by Mike to do what they do in a very individual way to complement his pedalboard and amp setup. Each transcription also includes detailed guidance on the required effects settings. The background: Although Drenge, Southern, Ruen Brothers and now Royal Blood have their own specialisms and idiosyncrasies, it … Custom dual rackmount true bypass loop switchers for … Mike T. Kerr: Vocals, guitars, bass Sarah Frank: Fiddle, vocals Luke Fraser: Mandolin, vocals. Mike Kerr is best known as the Singer/Bassist of British rock band ‘Royal Blood’. Mike Kerr – one half of rock band Royal Blood – has swallowed audiences around the world with his monstrous bass tone and unbelievably big riffs. Ben Thatcher and Mike Kerr of Royal Blood. Maybe the name of the submision isn't that accurate, but it's not wrong. Full details HERE "CMR00" Custom Remote Switched Rackmount True Bypass Loops. Custom guitar and banjo pedalboard switchers for Winston Marshall of Mumford and Sons. One accurate version. Kerr’s bass notes are like a Mike Tyson punch to the solar plexus as they open with the anthemic Lights Out and there is no let-up throughout a rip-roaring 90 minute set. I never said that this was a signature bass, but is obviously a customised bass made with mike's specifications. BIMM Manchester welcomed Mike Kerr (bass/lead vocals) and Ben Thatcher (drums) to Manchester’s Deaf Institute for a hotly-anticipated masterclass, ahead of their huge Manchester Arena show. [7] The band's sound is reminiscent of and rooted in modern blues rock, hard rock and garage rock. Royal Blood's Mike Kerr's jaguar? Read More. "That's the good thing about being a two piece," Kerr says. Promotion. Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Benko, Aug 30, 2015. Kerr started Royal Blood with drummer Ben Thatcher in early 2012 after discovering his voice on the bass. Their sound is expanded by the use of effects to fill the
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