With this in mind, you can be guaranteed jobs in almost any field that you are interested in entering. The 11 is a Master Number and as such has great potential, but is also more demanding. In numerology 11 is the first of the three Master Numbers (the other two are 22 and 33). They are also the most mystically and spiritually connected. This double digit higher vibration adds its own "flavor" to your Life Path Number, but is usually discussed in greater detail ONLY when that number is a Master Number (11, 22, or 33) or a Karmic Debt Number (13, 14, 16, or 19). Don’t be afraid that people will think that you’re strange – people who think you’re strange don’t belong in your life anyway, and you only save time by cutting them out immediately rather than trying to hide your true self to keep them around. Please like this post if you found it useful or enjoyable. As a simple example, if your Life Path Number is a 2, but the rest of your numbers are all 9s, you will find yourself relating more to the Number 9. Life Path number 11 is known to have stronger vibrations. Those have been important fixtures of human society since time immemorial, but the modern Western culture has increasingly replaced them with scientific and logical knowledge. Your instinct and supernatural powers will be dominant during the year. Life Path Number 11 – Highest Path Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Numerological Calculator is a nice helper, as it calculates all the data needed for numerological forecast. So, what does life path number 11 signify? My birthday is 8-6-1986. Cultivate your relationships with others in a meaningful way, building strong connections with your friends and your potential partner by practicing opening up to them both emotionally and intellectually. This can often be helpful in explaining why some people don’t always relate to a definition of their Life Path Number, or perhaps the meaning behind their Expression and Heart’s Desire Numbers. You inspire people, but without your conscious effort. It takes time and effort for you to become fully emotionally open with another person, but once you are, that person becomes your rock and your anchor in times of turmoil. Life path number 11 describes a powerful person who can achieve anything in life. Tags: 11, felicia bender, life path, master number, Master Number 11, master numbers, number 11, number eleven, Numerology Comments: 0 If you have the Master Number 11 anywhere in your chart, on top of the basic characteristics of the Number 2 , you have … She was the only person who could understand me and also saw the world in a spiritual way... Hello I am also an 11 and see things the way you describe. You know you’re different, you don’t need other people to tell you that. You are very good at listening to people and genuinely hearing their concerns, which is why people are so drawn to you as a confidante, making you an excellent counsellor. Your email address will not be published. Life Path Number 11: Personality. However, if you can develop an open, expressive relationship and learn to interpret each other’s emotional cues in the spirit in which they were meant, 11 and 5 can be a very passionate and powerful couple who achieve great things in the world. In this case, the Number 9 would be the dominant and influential force within your overall Numerology Chart. The Life Path number, also known as the “destiny number,” is the number that results from the numerological reduction of your date of birth. You will be much more fulfilled if you are willing to accept that that is something that is more important to you than money, fame, or any of the other trappings of success that appeal to other life path numbers. Now that I know my potential, i intend on activating it to the fullest to utilize my purpose in this world. by Kathy Freeman Last UpdatedJanuary 11, 2018, 9:50 am. You can be of great aid to your friends by being an excellent listener and thoughtful problem-solver. Also, for years I have seen 11:23 and 11:11 countless times when I looked at the clock. Since 11 desires a partner who can be emotionally expressive, you can have difficult times forming relationships with 1s, 4s, and 9s. IF YOUR LIFE PATH NUMBER IS 11, YOU CAN NOT HAVE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. You have such a strong sense of the spiritual that you want to share it with others, and believe everyone should and does have the same highly ethical view of spirituality that you have. This can help you to expand your mind and continually expose you to new worldviews, which helps strengthen your natural empathy. Regardless, you make a great friendship or partnership in non-romantic contexts. Discover if YOU have a Master Number 11 in your chart » Life Path 11 meaning in Numerology. For this reason, 11s also make glorious artists, writers, and musicians. You should also seek a partner who encourages you to open up and share your feelings, as this is something many 11s struggle to do with others. You’re more intuitive, or sensitive, than other people you know. free service provided by numerologist.com, free service provided by seventhlifepath.com, Your guide to the most meaningful events and noteworthy numerology days of 2020, Get your FREE Personal Year Number Video Report, Repeating Numbers & The Hidden Messages From The Universe. This is pretty straightforward so far, but I’m sorry to say there is one complication: If, during the calculation process, one of your groups totals 11 or 22, you do not reduce those values to a single digit until the final reduction. This makes you ideal for positions in international relations and negotiations. - Discover the meaning of numbers in Numerology- Hey guys! If you were born into this numbers vibration, your life is a spiritual journey. The rest of the figures with two identical numbers, like 44, 55, and 66, are known as power numbers and have a more immense influence rather than effect, although minimal when compared to that of master numbers. And I forgot my Celtic as well as myan, but remember tears forming from reading the odd connect in all of my signs and symbols crossing all lines and different cultures. With an 11 Life Path, you galvanize every situation you enter. None of these numbers tend to be very emotional unless they are quite confident that expressing their feelings is safe, and the philosophical and mystical 11 cannot provide that feeling of safety easily. Are you guided by a spiritual intuition that is so strong that you sometimes struggle to accept its power? Number 11 - is two "ones", and because of this it has a doubled "number 1" character, but the sum of the digits is 2, which is diametrically opposed, so people with the Life Path Number 11 are sometimes very difficult to understand. Intentionally practice acting without fear, as indecisiveness can be one of the great limitations that 11s place on themselves. Life path number 11 means that you easily get stressed and depressed. In, Numerology, there are a total of three Master Numbers in which Number 11 is the first. After reading up on this for days, I can say that I definitely identify. The Healer. It offers insight about the core of your personality, and will also give you a greater understanding of the pathway to success in your life. Due to the strength of my ability and my disbelief in it truly to be possible. Always take personal variations into account. Hello, I got Master 11, but then again, I am being called by someone or something out there.... to come there, I don't know where "there" is yet, all I know is that it is calling me off the planet, not in death, but by physically moving off the planet and traveling hundreds of thousands of light years out in the verse to figure out who or what is calling me..... Hello can life path 11 suite a life path 8 in a relationship, Hi, if your Life Path is Master number 11 you would look at the compatibility between 2 and 8 ... which is considered very good : ) https://seventhlifepath.com/life-path-number-compatibility-2-8/. Numerology study guide. A note: remember, as always, that numerological compatibility is not a substitute for the “human factor” that makes all of us unique. Altruism is extremely important to you, and will be your greatest source of fulfillment in your life. I am also an Aquarius, and I’ve found that many people with life path 11 are Aquarius. Im an Aquarius cusp Capricorn in astrology which holds powerful intuition. This is a mistake. They are typically appealing and steadfast, and they put generous exertion into making a relationship work.
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