The most common scale measurements are indicated as a ratio of fractions of an inch--or inches--to feet, and read from both left to right and right to left. How To Use Triangular Scale Ruler, How To Use A Scale Ruler, Architectural Scale Ruler Lesson, How To Use Triangular Ruler, How To Use Triangular Scale. The numbered lines represent full logs, 16 feet long, while the dashes without numbers between the numerals represent 8-feet-long half logs. Bob and Sparky explain how to read a metric ruler. They look at meters, centimeters and millimeters. The scale may be labeled with capacity and unit of measure. Scale rules have varying number of scales on them, depending on their intended use. How To Read A 18 Scale Ruler - The Best Way to Cut Your Designs. A machinist ruler is an important piece of equipment for mechanics and others who need exacting measurements. Read the right side of the log scale ruler at the highest point at which the trunk is approximately 6 to 10 inches in diameter. Make sure the correct marks are being read, as most scale rulers have two scales per side for maximum efficiency. When writing down a distance measured, normally the whole inches are followed by the fractional part of an inch. How to Read a Ruler; How to Read a Ruler. Using a scale rule is pretty easy when you know how. If the distance falls exactly on a line of the ruler, that is the measure in feet. You might ask – why nail polish? Graphs that represent rapidly growing data can use one-log scales or two-log scales. Add this reading to the number from earlier to get the full measurement of the item. Save. The blue prints used in the construction industry are "draw to scale." Often you will encounter rulers that do not have a legend which identifies what decimal of an inch is utilized on the scale. Scale rulers can combine up to four scales or feature a symmetric cross-section with three lobes and six scales. how to read a scale ruler wholesale, buy how to read a scale ruler from 26 how to read a scale ruler suppliers from China. By Joe Sexton | Feb 20, 2016 . marked units for measuring length along its edge. The 1:10 edge on the engineer’s scale is the easiest to use in this example. c. Slide the ruler so that you will see the fractional part of what you are trying to measure. Apr 25, 2013 - Explore Veronica Bernal's board "Reading a Ruler {measurements}" on Pinterest. You only need to read the value on the sliding scale. Reading an architecture ruler is easy once you understand why it looks different from a standard ruler. Scale factor on right = Read measurements from right to left . The other scales are used to make reduced drawings. Steps. Line up the engineer’s scale with the map’s scale. This allows an architect to convey the dimensions needed to build the structure to the contractors performing the work. Make sure the correct marks are being read, as most scale rulers have two scales per side for maximum efficiency. Place line or object to be measured at zero. To read a blueprint with a scale ruler once the appropriate scale is determined, line up the zero mark with the beginning of the length to be measured. So let’s look at a standard scale ruler suitable for working in 1:25 scale and see how it helps. In other words, one foot in reality is reduced to 1/4 inches in order to make the image fit on the page. 4. HOW TO READ A SCALE RULER. For instance, if the plans read ¼ inch equals one foot, you will use the ¼ inch scale on the ruler. Rulers are used in math, construction, architecture, sewing, landscaping, and more. Bob and Sparky go over how to read a measuring tape or a ruler using fractions. The drafter's ruler (also called an architect's scale) has three sides with one or two scales along each of its six edges. A ruler is a device for with measurement markings on it and used for measuring. How to send email from local wamp server using php i need to send email messages from my localhost i am using wamp server and my site is loaded on my own server, please suggest me how to send emails using my localhost and php (sendmail)? The "meter" is the base unit for length measurement in the metric system. You can then draw the line to the desired measurement using the scale ruler. Measure the desired line starting from zero on the correct scale. A ruler is a measuring stick marked with units for measuring along its edge. Popular. show more show less . These can be made of plastic, cardboard, metal, or fabric. Similarly, how do you use a metric scale ruler? Having three separate rulers, each with up to four separate scales, it is easy to make a mistake when taking a measurement. This article addresses types of rulers and similar measuring tools, how to read a ruler, and using a ruler. Add the two values together to get your final answer. The scale on this map is 1 inch to 100 feet. Tweet. If the distance falls exactly on a line of the ruler, that is the measure in feet. Architects are used to working from drawings or blueprints that are reduced in scale. The ruler below has a legend of 100 which indicates that the smallest graduation or mark is 0.01" (1/100"). See more ideas about Reading a ruler, Ruler measurements, Ruler. Reply. Reading… How to Read an Architect’s Scale . Method 1 of 2: Reading the Axes of the Graph 1. Sneak up to your wife’s beauty products stash or, better yet, go to a nearby drug store and get a bottle of red nail polish to mark your scale ruler so you’ll easily be able to identify the proper one every time. Turn the ruler to the corresponding scale factor. Read this value on the sliding scale as you would a regular ruler, using the unit engraved on the sliding scale. By knowing how to read a logarithmic scale you can more effectively read and represent data in graphic form. Though the machinist ruler may appear to be very much like other rulers, the number of increments between inches or centimeters allow it to be read with a much higher degree of accuracy than standard rulers which don't feature as many increments. You can print a lot of your projects with How To Read A 18 Scale Ruler. You are able to either weigh every one individually or else you can weigh the whole product, like a loaf of bread, inside the identical working day. Answered Aug 12, 2020. Steps. 0 Comments and 0 replies × Report video . Reading an E-scale, also known as an Engineering scale or tri-scale, can be very confusing to the average person. In this case, you would need to use the ¼ inch scale. Being able to read a metric ruler is an important skill to learn. How To Read an Architect Scale Ruler An engineering scale or architect scale ruler is essential for measuring distances for every part of a scaled-down design in an architectural drawing, blueprint or orthographic projection. Determine whether you are reading a semi-log or log-log graph. The value of the fixed-scale mark makes no difference. 2. A quick how-to on using an architects’ scale ruler and completing a Scale Ruler worksheet for my Drafting & Drawing and my Fundamentals class at CSU. The number that you will get will tell you the whole feet of what you are trying to measure. One scale is measured in inches and fractions of an inch. Read the number of the scale that is close to the ending scale of what you are trying to measure. How to use a Scale Ruler on our Worksheet . How do i read 1:100 ruler i think it is called scale ruler?? You have to know the largest unit of measure, represented by the longest lines, then count the shorter lines in between to know how the largest unit of measure is divided. Please login in order to report media. Locate appropriate scale factor at end of scale ruler. Next, slide the ruler so that the number you read lines up with the end of the item. What is a Ruler. G. Roland. Share. Also features Bob speaking fluent French. The drawing below shows a fractional ruler with a smallest graduation of 1/32" (indicated with a scale legend of 32nds beside the scale) and describes how to measure each fraction of an inch. To read a blueprint with a scale ruler once the appropriate scale is determined, line up the zero mark with the beginning of the length to be measured. Above is the most common and easiest type, a ‘triangular’ rule which is able to present six different scales for us, one on each of it’s six edges. Using a three-sided drafter's ruler isn't … Share Continue Reading. Understand what a ruler is. Here are some related questions which you might be interested in reading. Read measurements from side of scale factor to end of line or object. G. Roland, Professor, Austin. If you read a guide regarding how to utilize a Scale Ruler, then you definitely will find which the Printable 1 10 Scale Ruler will display the burden of each item or object that you simply weigh. In the drawing below, we show a ruler with graduations or marks of 0.1" (1/10") and 0.01" (1/100"). Interpreting a Draft Step 1 Look at each end of the ruler to find the side with the scale used in the drawing you want to measure. Having a scale ruler handy is essential to model railroad layout planning and structure scratchbuilding. 1. Scale factor on left = Read measurements from left to right. When you are drawing a plan, you select the scale you intend to use by turn the ruler to the appropriate side. If the distance falls exactly on a line of the ruler, that is the measure in metres. Bob and Sparky talk about how to read an architect’s scale. b. To retrieve the measurements from the blueprint, you need to use a specialty ruler referred to as a "scale … Method 1 of 4: Recognizing the Different Types of Rulers. The same person who uses an analog postage scale has to read the lines on the scale to find out the weight. To read a blueprint with a scale ruler once the appropriate scale is determined, line up the zero mark with the beginning of the length to be measured. After learning how and why the ruler is laid out like it is, your E-scale … The fractional feet to be measured is then represented by the distance from the beginning of the item to the zero point on the scale.
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