As Chicago’s largest fire restoration company, we have years of experience helping homeowners deal with the aftermath of grease fires. Using a fire extinguisher “will wreck the food, but better that than” a raging fire, Wilbur warned. Grease fires can easily ignite in gas and electric ovens. The fire set off the sprinkler system, but the sprinklers had been filled with too much glycerin. Grease fire results in injury and death — A mother died and a father suffered severe burns after a grease fire started in the couple’s apartment. fire chief breaks silence on controversy that nearly led to mass resignation ... 7 NY firefighters injured in commercial fire, explosion 1. “Essentially, a grease fire will immediately ‘jump’ to any other sources of fuel, which in this case is oil on your counter.” If a fire ever gets out of your control, evacuate your home, call 911 and let the professionals take care of it, the NFPA says. Flames in the kitchen can turn into a house fire in less than 30 seconds. Insist that. Class B fire extinguishers work on most kitchen fires, but Class K extinguishers are formulated for safe use on combustible cooking liquids. Keep flammables away from the heat source. Steps . Turn Off the Heat. While hopefully you’ll never have to handle one, grease fires are one of the most common causes of both kitchen fires and house fires, so it could pay to give the matter a little forethought. Most vegetable oils have a smoking point around 450°F, while animal fats like lard or goose fat will start smoking around 375°F. When igniting a grease bomb on a flammable surface such as a front lawn (pictured below) be sure to soak the entire lawn down with a hose before starting your fire. It only takes a few seconds for hot oil or grease to flame up. The grease may indeed be flammable, but it's not so specially flammable as to cause significant extra fire damage — if it were, it would say so. When heating, oils first start to boil, then they’ll start smoking, and then they’ll catch on fire. Another Papillion firefighter suffered a concussion in the blast.The fire broke-out Saturday night near 102nd and Sutter Avenue.A dad, making his kids dinner, found his cooking grease on fire … ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – A large fire broke out Tuesday afternoon after a third-party contractor working near the 2400 block of Memorial Drive damaged a natural gas line. A grease fire is on top of a lipid. In general, smoking points for most oils ranges from 350 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. My ears were ringing, I felt like I was on fire," said Papillion firefighter Joe LaPuzza, who was caught in a rare smoke explosion as crews battled a grease fire. Smother the fire with baking soda, salt or sand, and close the lid. This may be a dust explosion, but it doesn’t have to be. Flour – Flour on a grease fire fills the air with particles that ignite and burst into flames. Put out the fire by smothering the flames with baking soda or salt. The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. Wait at least 20 minutes to ensure that the grease has cooled before lifting the lid or towel, as lifting it prematurely can add a surge of oxygen that causes the fire to reignite. "The explosion was loud. Ideally the grease bomb should be set off on a non-flammable surface, such as a sandy beach or large rock. Smother the fire by sliding the lid over the pan and turn off the stovetop. A less serious type of fire caused by gas is when the gas flames on a grill light grease on fire, causing your grill to catch fire. If you try to douse a grease fire with water, this same principle is at play. If grease catches on fire in your cooking pan, quickly put on the oven mitt, then place the lid over the pan to smother the fire. In many instances, smothering is what puts out a grease fire the best. Does milk put out a grease fire? (see Tips) Start evacuating everyone from the building.Fires spread extremely fast and can overwhelm victims in minutes. What you do to put out the grease fire can either work for you or against you, so we encourage you to keep the following grease fire safety tips in mind. Phone: (317) 634-8565 If you have doubts about putting out the fire, don’t take any chances. In the event of a grease fire: The use of lighter fluid on a charcoal grill, for example, creates a Class B fire. The Hankey Law Office is equipped to remain open and serve new and current clients without a trip to the office. Turn off the AC during the cleaning process in order to prevent soot and smoke odor particles from spreading into other… Most vegetable oils have a smoking point around 450°F, while animal fats like lard or goose fat will start smoking around 375°F. 434 E New York St Do not lift the lid or towel to check if the fire has been extinguished. Immediately turn off the stove top or oven, and be careful not to move the pan. Instead, keep the following steps in mind: Our Skokie, IL office is located southeast of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and west of Northwestern University. In the typical incident, a small fire will result from combustible material coming into contact with an ignition source. Take care to only aim for the flames – splashing too much baking soda into the hot oil can result in additional damage. Instead, keep the following steps in mind: The best way to prevent grease fires is to stop them from happening in the first place by keeping a close eye on stove top pots and pans. In the typical incident, a small fire will result from combustible material coming into contact with an ignition source. Make adjustments as the children grow older or you change your home’s layout. This method works well on frying pans and larger pots. Never leave the kitchen unattended. 434 E New York St After consultation with other investigators up and down the West Coast, including the ATF, the Portland Fire Bureau said it appears grease in a pan used to cook the tofu overheated and caught fire. Movement can splash hot oil or grease and spread the flames. Cover the fire in the pan with a lid, or dampen a towel and place it over the fire. Grease fires happen on stove tops, inside ovens and over backyard grills. Even a small amount of water dropped into a pan or deep fryer filled with burning oil will sink to the bottom, be superheated and erupt into a rapidly expanding mushroom cloud of burning oil fumes. Pouring water on a grease fire can cause an explosive effect, spreading the hot oil and fire over a much wider area. We’re always here when you need us with a 24/7 response to your call: 773-647-1985. Greek fire was an incendiary weapon used by the Byzantine Empire beginning c. 672.Used to set light to enemy ships, it consisted of a combustible compound emitted by a flame-throwing weapon. A grease fire in the home kitchen is one mistake away from an explosion. Cleaning up after a grease fire isn’t easy. Some plastics are also Class B fire materials. Be careful not to jolt the pan. Unlike protein fires, most grease or oil fires start when the liquid reaches its smoking point. If the fire is still small and contained to one … Glenview and Wilmette. 6 steps to prevent an oxygen tank explosion/regulator fire. Indianapolis, IN 46202 Last Updated on July 15, 2020 by Diana Rodriguez-Zaba. Stay safe while you’re cooking, and keep that extinguisher handy. Avoid splatters by gently lowering food into the pan. Hot grease can splatter and cause serious, debilitating burns. How could that worsen the fire? Essentially, the water will create an explosion of steam as it hits the flaming oil, and sends fiery droplets of oil further throughout your kitchen. These include wooden utensils, oven mitts, dish towels and even the sleeves on your clothing. On a regular day, the most common time to experience a grease fire is between 5 PM and 7 PM, followed by 11 AM to 1 PM. You can put this type of gas fire out by turning off the gas and smothering the flames. For this reason, you should never attempt to extinguish a grease fire with water. Small grease fires can be extinguished several ways. With two prime locations, we are uniquely positioned to provide a rapid 24 hour response to fire and water damage emergencies in all of Chicagoland and suburbs including Evanston, Northbrook. Grease fires commonly occur in the kitchen, when oil or fat on the stove becomes far too hot and catches fire. Authorities are now working to confirm what caused the fire, an official with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office told the Daily News. Practice evacuation with the family several times a year. An independent franchise business licensed to serve you by ServiceMaster Restore® Contractor License: TGC034901, © 2019 ServiceMaster Residential/Commercial Services LP. Our Chicago, IL office is located in Logan Square, just west of Wrigley Field and nearby Humboldt Park. Wait for the fire to extinguish itself. Never use any of the following on a grease fire. If it spreads outside the oven, evacuate the house, and call 911. Techniques that put out ordinary fires make grease fires worse. A grease fire happens when your cooking oil becomes too hot. A grease fire can also ignite when hot oil in the pan spills onto the heat source. Fax: (317) 634-9818. Some experts say milk also can cause a fireball or explosion when put on a grease fire . Treat burns only after evacuating the building. Think hard about grease … Slide a metal cookie sheet into place over the flames, and leave it. It’s even harder when soot and smoke spread from the stove to other rooms in the house. Once the liquid overheats, it begins to smoke and quickly reaches a temperature that causes it to combust.
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