Call us at (866) 441-6648, Get quotes from qualified local contractors, The Pros and Cons of Installing Saltillo Tile, © Copyright 2020 Networx Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. It seems that building officials now agree. That equates to 36 pounds for the lighter weight Durock and 45 pounds for the WonderBoard. Public Forums for the PRO, DIYer & Consumer, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. I guess it's about as good as Hardibacker. When properly specified, installed, and covered with tile according to industry standards, a Denshield wall installation is capable of providing the same level of service as a properly installed mortar bed installation. USG Durock™ Interior and Exterior Tapes are made from alkali-resistant glass-iber mesh. Gypsum Company: DUROCK, FIBEROCK, USG, USG in stylized letters. Where the biggest differences lie, however, are in the strength department. That old green board was still paper-based and mold loves to eat paper. The lack of aggregate in the “Hardie” types reduces the chance of gouging a new acrylic or shinny new enameled tub. A tile setter buddy stopped by saw the EZ board, and said,"You put the writing to the outside?" If waterproofing is desired, use USG Durock™ Brand Waterproofing Membrane. The exact fire rating of Durock is dependent on the other materials used during construction, but a panel 1/4 or 1/2 inch thick typically provides an additional hour of fire protection. Compare db0b0a8980381414f0572b6d14. The Fiberock is supposed to be easier to work with but will it or does it work as well as cement board. Custom Building Products chiefly sells WonderBoard Lite, identified by the green band across it. Discussion in 'Ceramic and Stone Q&A' started by copenrc, Oct 14, 2010. Share this post. This truck load of Fiberock and Durock Underlayment has been abandoned in a Louisiana warehouse.The seller would like to recover funds and inventory space. HardieBacker – My favorite backer board. Label- Durock Next Gen has a blue Next Gen logo on the label, traditional Durock does not Weight - Durock Next Gen is 25% lighter than traditional Durock. HardieBacker is a non-aggregate based product from James Hardie, the same company that  makes HardiePlank siding. Water and gypsum-based backers = mush in my book. Unlike traditional water-resistant gypsum board, Fiberock® Brand Tile Backerboard is made of a uniquely uniform composition, which creates a strong, mold-resistant product that holds tough when wet. My question is this: advantages or disadvantages of Durock vs. DenShield tile backer in a large custom shower- 6′-0 x 6′-0 with two rain hoods in the ceiling and 10 body sprays, two mixing valves, and one hand held nozzle. Durock from USG is a slightly lighter weight version of comparable construction methods. It's kind of nasty stuff but it works great. x 3 ft. x 5 ft. Cement Board with EdgeGuard USG Durock Brand Cement Board with EdgeGuard USG Durock Brand Cement Board with EdgeGuard offers architects, builders and tile contractors a strong, water-durable tile base for tub and shower areas. Hardi and Fiberock are harder to cut without shears or a grinder or carbide blade in a jig saw for your shower controls and the dust is very harmful. Wonder, permabase and durock cut the mesh, snap, cut the other side, for shower controls, cut the mesh on both sides and tap out with a hammer. Usually, Durock vs. HardieBacker is a result of contractor preference. ft. 1/2” BackerBoard comparison chart durock ® Board and durock ® next Gen WonderBoard ®permaBase densshield ® Board Fiberock ® aqua-tough™ interior panel & Backerboard Greenboard PRODUCT COMPOSITION Portland cement, ground sand It’s a sort of gray/beige colored board and is available at any hardware box store. The tile layout is pretty intricate, with … The other main type is what I call the “Hardie” type. I use Kerdi on everything except niches and windows, there I use the 9235 to avoid the " Kerdi buildup". Who knows - a faucet stem or a joint could leak slightly in the wall - once that drywall is wet - it's done. Cost, strength, and weight will vary from product to product. These numbers can mean a lot when you need to carry a dozen sheets up three flights of stairs (like a project I did a few months ago). Re: ditra vs cement board Our tile installed switched from Durock to Ditra a few years back - we have been very happy. Also an ideal underlayment for tile on floors and countertops in new construction and remodeling. Ease of installation and time saved. You can score this for cuts, but I use a thin diamond dry cutting blade in my grinder. For normal shower installs, I prefer the HardieBoard hands down. All are made of 100-percent inorganic materials that will not rot, shrink, delaminate, or decompose when exposed to moisture. Tile Backers DUROCK® WonderBoard® Util-A-Crete® PermaBase® Daltile ® ProTEC™ FIBEROCK ® Dens Shield HARDIBACKER KERDI- BOARD WEDI 1/2" 3 x 51/2" 3 x 5 DuraBacker Manufacturer USG Custom Building Products Fin-Pan National Gypsum National Gypsum Fin-Pan USG Georgia Pacific JamesHardieSchluter® GmbH Composition Cement/Fiberglass composite panel This product weighs 22.6 pounds per sheet. Looking for a Pro? Hardibacker is the best known fiber cement board Fiber cement board. Fiberock Vs Durock In a shower application, i still revert back to good ol wonderboard or durock. Permabase is National Gypsum’s product and it is very much like WonderBoard from Custom Building Products. 1DensShield can only be used in residential steam room applications with a maximum shower size of 48 sq. Talk about a solid floor. USG Fiberock Tile Backerboard and Underlayment should not be used in exterior applications. Weights range from 2.4 pounds / sq ft to 3.0 pounds / sq ft for the ½” thick stock. This review was done to test the performance of 3 different cement boards (backer board) for : The Wedi Backerboard, Hardibacker® and Wonderboard® you know your not going to have problems, although both the fiberock and hardi reps will boast about the reasons why you should use there products in a shower too, i have heard reports of issues with both. Technically called a cementitious backer unit (CBU), well-known brand names of tile backer include Durock, Denshield, HardieBacker, and WonderBoard. But you may also find some of the other versions of WonderBoard still being sold. People would be making a big mistake to use it now. Re: Durock vs Wonderboard I had to tile all the tile floors in this house and a few others, and I like the Durock but was forced to use Wonderboard a few times due to availability. Link to post Share on other sites. Hope this helps. Hardiebacker's composition is 90% cement and sand- making it a cement backerboard- while Fiberock is made from 80% gypsum. There are several acceptable applications of cement board in the shower. That wouldn't be your bonding issue would it? I set my first tiles on it today. This lightweight and versatile system is extremely durable and allows faster construction speeds for residential and commercial buildings. I think the main reason it had survived was that it was relatively new, as this house was only built in 1996. The WonderBoard there, in my 200 sq foot cabin, gave me about half of my estimated 1200 to 1400 pound thermal mass floor. There are approximately 25 pallets. It is made just like regular drywall except that is had more fiberglass in it and the paper has less organic product in it. I used 1/4" Fiberock on floors for a while, but I wasn't a big fan of it. Do not overlap pieces of the tape. HardieBacker is a non-aggregate based product from James Hardie, the same company that makes HardiePlank siding. If a contractor likes a certain kind of product, they are more likely to use it more often, and that results in product bias. Mold Resistant Drywall vs. Durock. HardieBoard is in between at 2.6 pounds sq ft or 39 pounds for a 3 x 5 foot sheet. x 3 ft. x 5 ft. Underlayment is a water-resistant underlayment that delivers support for hardwood, ceramic tile, carpeting and more, in homes or light commercial buildings.
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