After completing student teaching, receiving your teaching certificate, and getting your first classroom, you may find that teaching just isn’t for you. The good news is that teachers have many transferable skills that are valued across many industries. A recreation director is a leadership position within recreational work. One such company is Educational Testing Service (ETS), which is always looking for online and onsite test scorers for the TOEFL, GRE, and other tests. 1.

Most of the time, this generates a pretty positive response — I've been told by people I just met that I have "English teacher energy", which is a very validating compliment that I love. Education policy analysts also assist school districts with understanding their legal requirements. There are many different jobs you can have in education across various countries. Teachers who want to take on a second career may benefit from a career as a school counselor. 1. The job outlook is close to the average across all industries, though your location may change the number of opportunities. Superintendents. There are many education-related jobs outside of the classroom which could suit, as well as opportunities in the commercial sector where an education background would be an asset. The average income for a tutor is around $25,000 per year. In Pictures: The Best- And Worst-Paying Education Jobs. Salary amounts are significantly higher with a median annual wage of $95,310 for school principals. Here are some of the possible jobs for teachers outside of the classroom. I am willing to get additional training, so please don't assume I need (or want) to use any of my technical skills. In some schools, you may need a higher level of education. As a curriculum designer, the educator is also intended to give timeframes of how long each activity should take to complete. In some cases, you are paid by the hour rather than paid a salary, so you will want to evaluate the details and clarify the income level before you finalize your decision to change your career. I am willing to get additional training, so please don't assume I need (or want) to use any of my technical skills. Teaching adults can be rewarding professionally since adult education involves fewer challenges compared to elementary or secondary education. You'll be sure to find something that fits you and your unique talents, so you can make the most out of your international career! A … Many day camps are held Monday through Friday. Non-Teaching Jobs in Education. Take a look at these seven jobs for former teachers to see if one of them sounds right for you. How did your education and teaching experiences prepare you to excel in that field? Some coaches work at only one school and some travel throughout the district. Corporate trainers work with managers to develop courses to reach company goals. Educational consultants will need an advanced degree for job consideration. Technological proficiency is another requirement since associates will sell digital educational software and applications. On the other hand, strong interpersonal skills are valuable for careers in nonprofit and corporate life. Counselors will provide feedback to students on how to choose the right college or career based on their strengths and weaknesses. For college and university jobs, a master’s degree or higher will be needed. Perhaps the most obvious alternative is to work within the school system as part of its leadership. Each individual freelance writer, blogger, and podcaster can have very different salaries. The best jobs for ex-teachers depend on your interests and your skills. Educational standards depend on the museum, but you can expect some training in relation to the exhibits or the topics of discussion. This is a faster rate than the industry average. However, adult education jobs have a number of benefits including flexible hours and average annual salaries exceeding $53,000. Email field should not be empty Please enter a valid email address. Education majors and teachers can even utilize their subject knowledge to sell some products. Achieving Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) through completion of the PGCE (PGDE in Scotland) or equivalent postgraduate qualification is a popular route for education graduates. Then, use your cover letter to show potential employees why you would be a perfect fit for many jobs for teachers outside of the classroom. The professional will be responsible for choosing topics to be covered in courses and what types of course content can be used to best teach the subjects. The responsibilities of a test developer focus on writing questions and answers for standardized tests used across the country to determine student capabilities. Common job titles are principal, vice-principal, and superintendent. At a minimum, a company will look for curriculum designers with a bachelor’s degree in education. When I started teaching in 2010, I was convinced I'd found my calling. Teachers know how to recognize problems with different individuals and groups when they walk into a room. List a teaching job. Typically, these jobs require a bachelor’s degree and teaching experience. Curriculum designers may be eligible for a higher pay grade if they have earned master’s degrees or higher. Job growth for any sales position is usually tied directly to the economy. See how Magoosh can help improve your school's test scores! The field of education typically leads to teaching in some fashion, but consulting, administrative, and board member jobs are also available. When it comes to non-profit organizations or related opportunities, the primary reason to hire teachers focuses on their emotional intelligence and their ability to recognize the mood in a room. When you decide to work as a textbook author, you can expect a salary of roughly $69,000 per year. It’s also among the highest-paying jobs in education. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. The result is that teachers look for new opportunities in other fields and industries. According to the BLS, the average income for a preschool director is around $48,000 per year. Other jobs in the education field besides teaching involve being a counselor or recruiter for a college or career center. Private clients and private educational material companies may pay consultants a higher per hour rate. Superintendents. Previous Post: 25 Best Online Master’s in Education Degree Programs 2020, Next Post: 25 Best Master’s in Public Health Online for 2020. in most situations. Special Education Teacher Average salary: $49,460 / £41,450 If you want to devote your work life to making a real change in people’s lives, this job is ideal for you. The career focuses on educating people and guiding them through exhibits or localities. They may also focus on the skills that apply to a classroom environment, like adaptability and patience, when working on team projects. Top Jobs for Former Teachers #1 Postsecondary Teacher. Jobs are presented simply in alphabetical order. A teacher faces numerous challenges inside and outside of the classroom that can make him reconsider his career choice. Job outlook for private and university adult education jobs are steady while adult education jobs for high school equivalency programs are on the decline. 23,892 Education Non Teaching jobs available on Schools therefore have a vested interest in knowing where their teachers go when they leave the classroom. Your organizational skills may be particularly useful for start-up businesses because a company must have the information organized and maintained to keep projects on track. When you work as a teacher, you may consider taking on a second career or making a change to fit your new concerns. When developing your career change resume, you will list past job … Start-up companies and organizations hire former teachers due to their high emotional intelligence and organizational skills. In most cases, employers will require candidates to have a master’s degree in the field of education. A tutor works with one person or a small group to address a weakness in a subject or to teach a new subject. I have a background in IT development and project management and am looking to make a career change. The career is similar to a teaching position, but it does not require the same standards as a job as a teacher. So my question is, besides being a schoolteacher, what other things can someone do with an education degree in English or History? One of the most valuable skills sales reps need is the ability to establish rapport with their … The highest income potential is around $45,000 per year, according to the BLS. You can expect a slightly lower income level if you are starting out as a new author or have limited writing experience. An employment job board focused on the education sector connecting qualified candidates with their future employer. On average, people in these education, training and library jobs earn $51,210 a year, or $24.62 an … Maybe the state where you teach doesn't offer a high enough salary to be worth it. Freelance writing is an ideal side job or full-time career for teachers and former teachers. You can expect slightly lower income levels in some districts or localities. Job growth rate for education policy jobs will remain steady without significant increases or declines in the field.